How to Reuse Old Jar Lids: Instead of Throwing Out Jar Lids Use them for Fun & Creative Projects

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Chances are, at this moment, you have some jars in your kitchen. The lids to these jars can actually be quite useful to keep. While you may think there is absolutely no point in keeping them, there are actually some ways that you can reuse jar lids instead of discarding them.

Use old jar lids during painting

Painting can be quite messy and if you are not careful, the paint and water can end up everywhere. Use the jar lids to keep one color of paint from another or use them to mix your colors together. In addition, you can fill a deep jar lid with water to wash off your brushes. After you are finished using them, you can wash them out and reuse them during painting at a later date.

Create your own coasters

Creating your own coasters is an interesting way of doing crafts with jar lids. Instead of keeping the lids the way they are, you can adhere a picture, a page of quotations or even a page out of a magazine to the flat part and cover it with clear Con-Tact paper. The flat part of the lid can also be painted and covered with clear Con-Tact paper for a personalized touch. In addition, you can put the cup or bottle sitting inside the jar lid with the flat part of the lid on the surface it sits on. The condensation will collect inside instead of dripping over the sides.

Use the jar lids as ashtrays

If you are looking for a way to reuse jar lids, consider using them as ashtrays. Purchasing the ashtrays can be a waste if you are not a smoker, so reuse the jar lids when people that do smoke come to your home. You can wash them and reuse them for the next smoker, and you do not have to keep normally unused regular ashtrays lying around your home.

While it may seem strange to reuse jar lids, it is better than tossing them out with the trash. In addition, reusing them can save you some money as well. The next time you have an extra jar lid, consider reusing it around your home instead of tossing it out in the trash.