Best Green Bathroom Cleaners: Homemade Bathroom Cleaners From Natural Ingredients

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Commercial Green Cleaners

There are some really good commercial green bathroom cleaners out there for people who would rather have a commercial cleaner with disinfectant properties when it comes to the bathroom. That is the one room of the house that everyone wants to use a disinfectant on when they clean.

Clorox has a line of green cleaners on the market. “Green Works Cleaners” by Clorox has a natural toilet bowl cleaner as well as a natural bathroom cleaner. Clorox uses ingredients like essential oils with disinfecting properties, glycerine, coconut-based cleansing agents, and citric or lactic acid.

“Simple Green Naturals” is another commercial line of green household cleaners. Their bathroom cleaner has a pleasant rosemary-mint scent, and it’s made from 100% naturally derived ingredients. This cleaner is great for soap scum and alkaline soils.

“Office Depot Green Bathroom Cleanser” is biodegradable, non-toxic, and has no phosphates. It’s a good choice for all purpose bathroom cleaning.

“Earth Friendly Products” offers a shower cleaner and tub and tile cleaner, both which are non-petroleum based. Tea tree and lavendar oil are the disinfecting agents in these cleaners. The plant derived surfactant, ethanol is used in this line of cleaners. Cost is usually comparable with traditional bathroom cleaners, but like other cleaners, green cleaner prices vary by brand and size.

Make Your Own Green Bathroom Cleaners

With just a few ingredients that you may already have around the house, you can make your own green bathroom cleaners.

Plain white distilled vinegar makes a great bathroom cleaner. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and has many good uses in the bathroom. Try straight white vinegar for a great toilet bowl cleaner. Pour vinegar directly into the toilet bowl to effectively clean toilet rings. Add a sprinkling of baking soda for an even better, bubbling cleaner.

Tests show that drains are the germiest thing in the bathroom, while toilet seats harbor the least bacteria. Clean those drains with vinegar. Pour 2 cups white vinegar down bathroom drains several times a week. Read on for a more thorough natural method to unclog drains.

Vinegar and water in a spray bottle also makes mirrors and chrome fixtures shine.

Baking soda also makes a great soft scrubbing cleanser. Just add several drops of plain liquid soap to baking soda to make a paste. Scrub tub, tile or sink, and rinse thoroughly.

If you’re looking for something to replace chlorine bleach, try hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice. To really pump up your all-natural cleaners, add any essential oil that has antibacterial properties. Tea tree, lavendar, and rosemary oils are good natural, sanitizing ingredients to add effectiveness to your homemade cleaners.

There are so many choices of green household cleaners out there, whether you choose to go commercial or homemade, nobody needs to compromise effectiveness for a better environment and a healthier home.


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