How to Reuse Old Mirrors

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Chances are you have a few mirrors in your home. Whether they are small, large or full length, it can be a problem what to do with them when you no longer have a use for them. While many would not think twice of tossing them out on the curb, this item eventually will end up in the landfill and stay there. Instead of throwing it out, consider trying one of the ways that you can reuse it around your home so it does not have to end up in the garbage.

Turn it into a serving tray

When you have a medium sized mirror that has an ornate frame, it can be a shame to discard that beauty when you do not want the mirror anymore. Place small dishes on it, for example, if you are serving tea or dessert, and use it as a serving tray. It will add a different element to the process rather than serving the items on a plain, basic black or brown wooden serving tray.

Transform the mirror into a picture frame

The mirror already has a flat surface and a frame, so it is an alternative place to put pictures as opposed to your standard photo frame. Place the pictures onto the mirror using double-sided tape, starting from the areas by the frame and working your way in. Should you want the surface to be more even, you can place clear Con-Tact over the front of the pictures, which will laminate them and keep them from getting dusty and dirty. However, be aware that once you laminate them, you may ruin the pictures if you try to take the laminate off.

Turn the mirror into art

Artwork painted on glass can have a much different presence then one painted on canvas or another surface. Consider reusing your old mirror by turning it into a piece of artwork. Not only do you save the mirror from going into the garbage, but it turns into a free surface where you can do your painting. Chances are the mirror already has a hook on the back where you can hang it on the wall, so your artwork can display for all to see.

While some people may believe a mirror is just for evaluating your reflection, it can have quite a few alternative uses. Instead of throwing out your old mirror where it will sit in the landfill, you can reuse it in your home in a way other than its intended purpose. Not only will it help the environment, but also it can save you money in the process.