Shopping Guide to Animal Friendly Hair Care Products

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Animal-friendly hair care is just as effective (if not more so) as products that don’t bother to ensure they don’t hurt animals with their products and you can feel great about it.Question is, how do you find great cruelty-free products?Look for products that say either CRUELTY-FREE or THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT TEST ON ANIMALS.However, that can be tricky because while the product itself may not be tested on animals, it doesn’t mean its ingredients were not.There are many sites on the internet that list truly animal-friendly products.

David Babaii is a big name in great animal-friendly hair care.Babaii products range from hydrating and volumizing shampoos and conditioners as well as styling products in a variety of textures.The line even as a sculpting clay with volcanic ash as a primary ingredient!The line also utilizes fruits, algae, flowers, and Dead Sea salt.Because of their natural ingredients that are free from parabens, sulfates, and petrochemicals they don’t need to test their products on animals.

Stargazer is a great company that is not only doesn’t test on animals, it is completely vegan.Whether you need hair color or simply false eyelashes, they offer it all!Even items that are usually bad for the environment are available through Stargazer, such as glitter hair spray, hair mascara, hair wax, hair gel, and a bleach/peroxide set for when you want to have truly standout hair color. This company is unique in that it offers different hair colors for you to choose from.Most bleaching products contain chemicals so harsh to the environment that companies justify it, but not Stargazer!

If you have kids or just have very fine hair, Paul Mitchell has long been approved for hair products for children.Their product Baby Don’t Cry Shampoo is on PETA’s list for approved hair care products for children.In fact, Paul Mitchell’s company was one of the first hair care product producers to ban animal testing.

Remember that this is a very short list of companies that care about the welfare of animals.Just a quick glance on sites such as or can give you a fair and researched overview of companies that take umbrage with people who make their living off an animal’s suffering.Also bear in mind that simply because a product is listed as “natural” doesn’t mean that it is what you are looking for.This is a very broad term and many companies, while this phrase is en vogue, have attached it to hair care products that may not necessarily be what you are looking for: animal-friendly hair care products that keep the environment in mind.

Beauty does not have to come with an ethical price.Happy hunting and good luck shopping for all the amazing vegan, vegetarian, and eco-friendly products now on the market!