Best Ways to Clean Children's Toys: The Green Way

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Cleaning Toys Safely

Washing plastic toys the green way is important. It will protect your child from harmful chemicals and lessen your impact on the environment. But many parents aren’t sure where to start when washing plastic toys, wooden toys and plush toys. There are a few simple methods for washing these toys which will reduce waste, protect your child, and make toys last longer.

Cleaning In the Sink

Gather a dishpan, biodegradable soap and your stack of toys. Allow the toys to soak in the warm water and suds for a few minutes before washing. Once ready to wash, quickly rinse each plastic toy. Make sure not to leave the facet running in between washing and drying, as this will increase your impact on the earth.

Cleaning In the Dishwasher

Another option for cleaning your plastic toys is to put them on the top shelf of your dishwasher. If you have items with small pieces, purchase a dishwasher basket that will fit snugly on the top rack. Always wash toys on the top rack to avoid melting toys, which results from being too close to the heat. And make sure to use biodegradable eco and child friendly soaps, available at your local natural food store.

Wooden Toys

It’s also helpful to know how to clean wooden toys. Get a damp rag and moisten it with a little earth and child friendly dishwashing soap. Quickly wipe the surfaces clean on the wooden toys. Once wooden toys have been washed, make sure to dry them individually. Because if wood gets too wet, it can become soft and splinter.

Plush Toys

Cleaning plush toys is best accomplished in the washer. But to ensure the process is completed with the least impact on the environment, make sure your washer and dryer are energy efficient and wash several toys at one time. Use a bi-degradable gentle soap which can be found at your local natural food store. Also, use cold water which is gentler on toys and provides less wear and tear.