The Best Natural Wooden Toys for Infants or Babies

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The Benefits of Wooden Baby Toys

Many parents are interested in natural wood toys for babies because they are healthier for both baby and planet. Wood toys promote a baby’s development without the toxic chemicals that are found in mainstream toys. Plus, these toys are often created using sustainable practices, so you can feel better about your purchase.

ChildTrek Natural Toys is a company that creates eco-friendly natural wooden toys that are free of harmful chemicals. They were recency voted as a Top 5 Winner of King 5 Evening Magazine’s 2008 Best of Western Washington for Children’s gifts. Here are five of their best natural wood toys for babies.

Educo Double Bubble Suction Cup Bead Maze Toy

This bead maze toy is built from all natural wood and has suction cups so you can attached it to your baby’s high chair. The beads are colorful and encourage the development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. This toy costs $19.95.

HABA Color Tower Stacking Toy

Stacking toys have been used for years to encourage a baby’s development. The Color Tower Stacking Toy contains 7 colorful wooden pieces that can easily be stacked by your baby. This toy is non-toxic, baby safe and costs $24.95.

HABA Discovery Blocks Curioso

Encourage your baby’s development of motor skills with the HABA Discovery Blocks. These blocks feature interesting designs such as special foil effects, bells, mirrors and magnifying glass. They are free of toxic wood finishes and paints and cost $25.95.

HABA Croo-ak Teething and Grab Toy

This is an adorable teething toy for your baby that looks like a crocodile. Young babies can develop their grabbing skills and older babies can use the toy to relieve gum discomfort. The toy is wooden, non-toxic and costs $12.95.

HABA Ramba Zamba

The Ramba Zamba is a natural wood teething toy that encourages your baby to shake and tug. It makes clicking noises when your baby plays to encourage fine motor skills. It’s also designed with teething services to sooth your baby’s gums. The Ramba Zamba costs $13.95.