Eco Lodge in Dominica: Rosalie Forest

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Green Vacations: Dominica’s Rosalie Forest

Called the “The Nature Island of the Caribbean” the small island of Dominica shouldn’t be confused with the Dominican Republic as they are two separate places. The island of Dominica has been fully independent unto itself since 1978, when it became a commonwealth. The Commonwealth of Dominica is the first country to have been designated as a full Eco-tourism destination by the Green Globe 21 and is committed to keeping their Eco-status beyond just the tourists but as a part of daily life.

On the island, there are a few resorts that have vacation packages all based in Eco-tourism. One Eco-resort that stands out is the Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge whose motto is “at one with nature, secluded and safe in the jungle”. Rosalie offers various green vacation packages which include: Eco Education, Adventure and The Ultimate Experience package.

Ultimate Experience Package

The Ultimate Experience package is a two week long stay green vacation that includes the following: one night village home-stay, overnight camping deep in the rain forest and one day on an organic herb farm. In the village home-stay, travelers will be spending the night with a local family learning about daily local life and eating traditional food native to the area. The camping night will be the bare minimum in equipment to allow for a full and natural experience staying in the rainforest.

Organic Herb Farm

The trip to the organic herb farm is a half and half day experience. The first part of the day, travelers will be going to an organic herb farm to learn about traditional herbal medicines and bush tea tasting. While the second half of the day will be spent helping out at a local elementary school, meeting with the children and spending time learning about what their life is like in an Eco-area.

The travelers last day on the island can be spent in a variety of ways that are all by choice. There are a total of seven options in which to spend the day. One option is to take part in a local renewable energy workshop, while another option is to spend the day on an organic coffee and cocoa farm learning about the organic harvesting process and then getting to taste the fruits of such labor at the end of the day.

Stay in a Tree House

Standard accommodations for the mainstay of the trip can be chosen as well. Travelers can stay in a self-contained and sustainable vacation cottage with its own organic vegetable garden and fruit trees or they can take to the trees. Rosalie offers two different tree houses in which to stay in. One is the Bamboo Tree House and the other is the Chataniere Lodge Tree House. All accommodations, with the exception of the overnight stays run off wind turbine energy with solar powered hot showers and composting toilets.

You can find more information about the other Eco vacation packages that are available through Rosalie Forest on their main web site at: