Simple Ways to Reuse Old Purses

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Many women have several purses sitting in their closet at any given moment, and chances are, not all of them are being used. Maybe one has a stain on it or the strap is broken on another and you can’t donate them; others you may just not like anymore. If the purse is in good condition, there are ways that you can reuse it instead of getting rid of it.

Use an old clutch purse to transfer items from one purse to another

It’s often inconvenient to transfer items from one purse to another. Instead of dumping and transferring loose items, keep everything in a clutch purse. You can take it out and move it from one bag to another without forgetting anything necessary. Since no one will see the clutch but you, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in great condition.

Use a tote bag to hold your tax information

When tax time comes around, it can create a frenzy of panic in anyone that doesn’t have their papers organized. Use an old tote bag to store your tax items in one location. Tote bags are usually big enough where you can fit file folders inside, so it’s easy to keep your papers organized. At the end of the year, you have all of your papers that you need in one place, and you can pick up the bag to bring it to the accountant.

Use a small purse for toiletries when you travel via car or train

Use one of your medium to large size purses to store toiletries for when you are traveling by car or train. It saves the aggravation of forgetting anything and the annoyance of moving them from one place to another. You can put them in your spare purse, then leave them in there until the next time you travel. If anything spills, at least it was in a worn, old bag instead of instead of something new.

While you may love getting a new purse, it can be a hassle to figure out what to do with your old ones. Instead of tossing them, hold onto them to use for extra storage or to organize some of your items. You never know when an old purse can come in handy.