How to Reuse Old Christmas Garland

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After years of repeatedly using the same Christmas garland year after year, it may start to look a bit worn and ragged to the point where it may not look good enough to use again for decoration as a whole piece. Instead of tossing the garland into the garbage, consider reusing it.

Make a headband for a little girl in your life

Pick up a thick, flat headband and holding it by the edge, spread glue in a thin layer all over the top of it. Cut the garland into several small pieces and place them on top of the glue. Give it time to dry, then give it to the little girl in your life to use for dress up.

Use the pieces as a bow for a gift

Instead of wrapping a gift in plain paper with no bow on top, consider using a few pieces of the garland as decoration. Take some pieces of the garland and bunch it together to form a lump of sparkly color. Glue it to the center top of the present. It saves you money and kept you from throwing the garland in the trash.

Cut the pieces off of the string for kids to use on their art projects

Many children love using anything that shines in their artwork, so instead of throwing that frayed piece of garland into the trash, cut it up for them to use when they make their masterpieces. Make sure to cut the tinsel like part of the garland off of the string before you give it to the kids instead of giving them the whole piece. You can help them throw the small, shiny tinsel like pieces on to the glue that is on their art so that it can sparkle and shine.

Even if you don’t currently have a use for it, such as no present to put it on, put the pieces in a bag to reuse when you have an opportunity. While it may seem easy to toss the garland into the garbage, it will be much more eco-friendly and cost efficient to hold onto it and reuse it.