Eco Friendly Cleaning Products: Environmentally Friendly Options to Make Your Home Cleaner and Greener

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The Disadvantages of Conventional Cleaning Products

Conventional cleaning products might give the appearance of a sparkling clean bathroom, but there are risks of exposing yourself to thousands of toxic chemicals that may pose a threat to your health. Most of us exploit a number of branded cleaning products for our bathrooms, be it for the surface or for the toilet or mirror. The end result could be a clean and sparkling bathroom but a not-so healthy environment.

According to the National Environmental Trust and some other environmental groups, conventional cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds that can have drastic effects on our neurological functions. These products may enhance your bathroom and kitchen, but can pose a great threat to respiratory functions if there is an increased chance of exposure. Various products for cleaning toilets, floors, and materials such as glass, wood, and metal contain dangerous chemicals. These include hazardous phosphoric acids, formaldehyde, phenol, lye, and sulfuric acid. These products can certainly make your home a dangerous place for you and your children.

The cause of worry is most cleaning products have little or no regulation in terms of the use of harmful ingredients. Moreover, the attractive package displays little information about the chemicals included, thus allowing people to use it frequently without knowing the real dangers surrounding its use. This results in exposure to harmful toxins that have negative effects on the planet. That’s why the need for eco friendly cleaning products is inevitable if you want a clean as well as a safe environment.

Advantages of Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Green cleaning is a safer alternative solution against conventional cleaning methods. There are some companies that manufacture green cleaning products as a safer answer to conventional brands. The focus is to restrict the use of ‘banned chemicals’ in their products. These products include organic ingredients that ensure excellent cleaning and protect households from unseen dangers including harmful fumes. Commercial green cleaning products not only reduces the harmful impact on the environment but also improves the air quality. Today, many health care facilities in tthe United States of America have encouraged the initiation of several green cleaning programs successfully. Most facilities have ensured the safety of the patients by utilizing green cleaning products and equipment.

There are some minor flaws associated with the cleaning abilities of eco friendly cleaning products. Most products assure safe cleaning, but involve more effort in the scrubbing process to achieve a spotless office or home. However, companies are looking for more natural and eco-friendly combinations to introduce products that can be as effective and efficient as compared to conventional brands.

Whether you prefer to clean your home yourself or hire the assistance of a contract cleaning service, always switch to green cleaning. This not only maintains and improves cleanliness, but also ensures infection control and protects environments.


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