Handcrafted & Organic Soaps at Vermont Soapworks & Eco Soaps

Handcrafted & Organic Soaps at Vermont Soapworks & Eco Soaps
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Handcrafted Eco-Soaps

When does it take a month to create one bar of soap? When you’re a crafter for Vermont Soapworks. The Vermont Soapworks company is a small operation that creates organic soaps the old fashioned way. Using a soap-making method that is 300 years old, they start with a hypoallergenic base of organic Palm, Palm Kernel, Olive and Coconut oils infused with various botanical extracts and essential oils to create mild soaps for different types of skin.

The main reason that their soaps have become so popular within the green movement is due to their organic quality. Since each soap is handcrafted, the artisans are able to control the process each step of the way ensuring that their product is as environmentally safe as possible. Other items that have been handcrafted for mass market appeal include a wide range of personal care products, such as Organic Hair Care: Kiss My Face.

Vermont Soapworks Wide Range of Soaps

All handcrafted soaps with the exception of the Blue Bar, the Balsam Swirl, and the Lavender Swirl bars are certified organic. Due to the oxide base mineral colorant in those three bars, they cannot be considered organic.

Also, with the exception of those bars, all the products are free of artificial colors, fragrances, and preservatives. The Vermont Soapworks uses organic Rosemary extract as a preservative. No products are animal tested.

Here is a sampling of the organic handcrafted eco soaps that Vermont Soapworks carries:

  • Aloe Baby Soap - made with organic Aloe, this bar is recommended for sensitive skin types.

  • Butter Bar - made with wild crafted Shea Butter, this bar is recommended for those who have dry skin. Not for use with oily skin.

  • Citrus Sunrise Bar - made with Lemon, Sweet Orange, and Grapefruit essential oils, this bar is good for normal skin and is recommended for shaving. Not for use with dry skin.

  • Honey Bar - made with organic honey, this bar is a good exfoliating bar for those who have combination skin.

  • Lavender Flowers - made with organic Lavender essential oils and organic Lavender flowers, this bar is good for dry skin users.

  • Lemongrass Bar- made with organic Lemongrass essential oil, this bar is recommended for use by all skin types.

  • Oatmeal Lavender - made with organic oatmeal and Lavender essential oil, this bar is recommended for dry skin.

  • Peppermint Magic Bar - made with Peppermint essential oil, this bar is recommended for use with oily skin types. Not for use with dry or combination skin.

  • Tea Tree - made with pure tea tree essential oil, this bar is recommended to help clear up acne and other skin conditions such as athletes foot.

Vermont Soapworks classify their soaps based on the use that it is intended for, such as dry skin. The uses for these organic soaps fall into the following categories: dry & sensitive skin, dry skin, normal skin, combination skin, normal to oily skin, oily skin, shampoo bars, and bars for medicinal purposes.

To learn more about the Vermont Soapworks company and to check out their other organic and handmade products, visit their main web site at: www.vermontsoap.com


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*image provided by Vermont Soapworks