Make a Homemade Diaper Cake With Cloth Diapers & Organic Baby Supplies For a Green Baby Shower Gift

Make a Homemade Diaper Cake With Cloth Diapers & Organic Baby Supplies For a Green Baby Shower Gift
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Diaper cakes are a creative spin for a practical gift. Instead of gifting the parents to be with a case of baby diapers, and a few baby bottles, make a gorgeous diaper cake that is sure to grab the attention of anyone that enters the room. Diaper cakes aren’t that difficult to make, but they get a bad wrap because of how intricate the finished product looks. I assure you diaper cakes are extremely simple to make and once you have mastered how to make diaper cakes you will be bringing them to every baby shower that you attend.

Diaper cakes are also a great way to promote environmentalism because you can use organic cloth diapers to make your diaper cake. Organic cloth diapers are reusable and unlike disposable diapers, they are biodegradable. Traditional disposable diapers contain the same chemical found in tampons, which is known to cause toxic shock syndrome. Aside from being an eco friendly gift and safe for the baby, your diaper cake will be a practical baby shower gift because it saves the new parents from ever spending money on disposable diapers, which can add up to thousands of dollars. Below you will learn how to make a diaper cake.

What You Will Need


- Cloth Baby diapers

- Clear rubber bands

- Scissors

- Double sided sticky tape

- Regular sized clear rubber bands

- Ribbon of your choice (About 2” wide)

- 2 baby bottles

- Cake tray


1. Take your diaper and roll it from the outside tip going in. Then place a small clear rubber band around it.

2. Do this to all diapers until you have about 50 diapers or so rolled.

3. Take your cake tray and place a baby bottle in the right in the center. Wrap a large rubber band around it just once, the rubber band should be wrapped loose enough around the bottles to fit diaper in.

4. Now you are going to stuff diapers into the rubber band until you have a nice ring formed around the bottle.

5. Wrap another rubber band around your ring of diapers and start adding more diapers to form another ring. Do this once more until there are three rings of diapers wrapped around your bottle, this will be your first “layer” of your diaper cake.

6. Working on your table, not your cake tray, make another “layer” of 2 rings of diapers.

7. Once your second layer is finished, place it on top of the first layer. There will be a space in the middle where you can add another baby bottle. Don’t worry if the bottle sticks out of your second layer a bit. The bottle is acting as the dowel to your cake and is holding it in place. So it should extend over into the third layer a bit.

8. For the last layer, working on your table again, make a single ring of diapers. Place this on top of your second layer.

9. Once your diaper cake is assembled, cut 3 pieces of ribbon large enough to extend around each layer of the cake.

10. Take your double sided tape and apply it to the ribbon.

11. Carefully place the ribbons around each layer making sure to cover the rubber bands.