Tips to Reusing an Old Halloween Costume: Eco-Friendly Options After Halloween

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Many people don’t dress up the same for Halloween as they did the year before. This often means that the costume gets thrown out or stuffed into a box to be discovered at a later date; both options, considering the cost of the typical Halloween costume, can be a big waste of money. Before you toss that Halloween costume, there are eco-friendly ways that you can give it new life instead.

Sell it

Halloween costumes can be quite expensive, especially the more elaborate ones. There’s no reason to toss it into a landfill with the trash if you can get some of your money back. Consider selling it at an online auction shop. Another option is to bring it to a costume shop to ask if they are interested in purchasing it. Some shops sell used pieces that are in excellent condition, such as angel wings or a dress.

Swap costumes with a friend

If you don’t want to sell the Halloween costume, find a friend who has a costume that you would wear and ask if you could trade yours for theirs for the holiday. Not only do you save yourself the hassle of deciding on a new costume, but you may be able to save yourself some money. You’re also already set for next Halloween.

Rip it up to make decorative pillows

Some of the Halloween costumes, especially those that are made up of ornate material, have great fabric to use for the outside of a decorative pillow. Simply cut it to the shape you desire, stuff it with cotton and sew it up. You saved yourself some money and your costume didn’t have to end up in the garbage.

Hold onto it for a spare costume

If you need a costume on short notice for a future Halloween or don’t want to wear the same costume to multiple parties that the same people will be attending, you could always pull out the previous year’s costume. Even if you alter it a bit, it may be better for you then having to spend money on two costumes or having to quickly find a new costume on short notice.

Before you toss this year’s Halloween costume, consider the more eco-friendly options that could save you some money and may even be helpful to you down the road.