Simple Ways to Have a More Green Christmas at Home - Try These Tips & Tricks to Easily Reduce Waste, Cut Electricity Bills & Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday

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Christmas can result a lot of extra energy being used and a huge amount of additional waste produced. There are simple adjustments that you can make to be a bit more eco-friendly around your home this Christmas while still enjoying the holiday and saving yourself a bit of money.

Use a real tree

Artificial trees take a lot of energy and materials to produce, and they don’t last forever. Eventually, they’re going to end up sitting in the landfill. Instead of cutting down a tree that’s growing in a forest, get one from a Christmas tree lot or one directly from a Christmas tree farm. Many sellers at the Christmas tree lots actually get their products from a Christmas tree farm. If possible, get a tree with roots so that you can replant it in your yard. If it’s not an option, call your town and see when Christmas trees will be picked up. It will usually be put into a chipper, and the remnants will be used as landscaping materials. Read this article for more info on eco-friendly Christmas trees.

Use LED Christmas lights and solar powered lights

LED Christmas lights are less expensive, more energy efficient and last longer than regular lights. For outdoors, consider using solar powered lights. They’re just as beautiful and will still add sparkle to the outside of your home.

Use Christmas tree decorations that you already have or make your own

Instead of buying new ornaments, consider making your own decorations for the tree or use what you already have. Constructing ornaments using materials you already have, such as the lids from jars, fabric, popcorn garland or yarn, can be another option. They can still be beautiful, will save you money, and you rescued quite a few items from being thrown out.

Use regular plates, cups, utensils and cloth napkins for gatherings

Paper or plastic products may seem easier to deal with, but they’ll just end up piled in the landfill. If you use products that you can wash, you can just reuse them for your next gathering. It’s also a cheaper option in the long run.

Decorate your home with natural materials

Instead of buying new decorations, chances are there are plenty of items right outside your home that can be used to decorate the inside of your home for Christmas. Small pine cones and branches that have fallen from pine trees can incorporate a bit of the outdoors to your decor. You can even pick up a bag of cranberries to add a little punch of color.

A few simple changes can make your home a bit more green for Christmas. Not only can it make a big, positive difference for the environment, but for your wallet as well.