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Soaking in the Tub

When you are trying to arrange some self-pampering, you may turn to expensive and synthetic products to make a soothing bath. Instead of shelling out unnecessary dollars to companies that make unsustainable products, you can try and make most of your own with natural ingredients. This will allow you bring effective home sustainability and a focus on natural health into your life while still maintaining a little luxury.

Bath Oil

One of the easiest ways you can create a luxurious bath is by using essential oils in their raw form. Lavender is great for relaxation, while rose can combat negative thoughts. People often use ginger to relax their muscles, eucalyptus for illness, and peppermint for chronic itch. You can take the same method by mixing the essential oil with apricot cooking oil, which may require some heat. In a lot of ways, this is the same way that you will use for an oil based flea remedy.

Bath Ball

You can make a great bath ball without dropping an extensive amount of cash. Take a cup of baking soda and mix it with one-half of a cup of citric acid, a drop of peppermint oil, and one-half of a cup of cornstarch. Take another mixing bowl and mix in two and a half tablespoons of sunflower oil, three-quarters of a tablespoon of water, two tablespoons of lavender essential oil, one-quarter of a tablespoon of borax, and four drops of purple food coloring.

Take a little of both mixes and mix them together until they are a solid dough form, which you can then shape into a ball. Let them dry for at least three days before you use them. When you drop them into the bath water, they will fizz. It is important to note that some people are allergic to borax and that pregnant women should consult their doctor before using. What is also great about creating an organic bath ball is it is relatively easy to clean out of the tub with organic cleaning methods.


You can also create fizzing bath salts, which are much easier. Mix one and three-quarter teaspoons of lavender essential oil with a one cup of cornstarch and a single drop of rose oil. Once these ingredients are mixed, you can add a cup of citric acid, two cups of baking soda, and five drops of purple food coloring. These bath salts will be similar to the fizzing bath balls but easier to use.

Cocoa Butter

For an extra soothing bath you, can create cocoa butter bath balls. Start with a metal pot and let two cups of filtered water boil. Put one-quarter cup of cocoa butter into a glass jar, and set it in the pot of water. Once the cocoa butter is done melting, take the jar out of the pot and begin adding a teaspoon of lavender oil, a teaspoon of rose oil, a drop of peppermint oil, one-quarter cup of baking soda, and one-quarter cup of citric acid. It is also advisable to add eight drops of food coloring, but this depends on preference. From here you shape the mixture into small bath balls, and make sure that they are well dried before using.


The information in this article is not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure any ailment. Always check with your physician before taking any products or following any advice you have read on Always consult your doctor before you start, stop or change anything that has been previously prescribed. Certain herbs and holistic remedies are unsuitable to take if you are pregnant or nursing and must always be cleared by your doctor before use.

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