All About Seasonal Home Heating with Solar Air Conditioning

All About Seasonal Home Heating with Solar Air Conditioning
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Seasonal Home Heating with Solar Air Conditioning

Seasonal home heating with solar air conditioning involves the use of sunshine to heat or cool an interior structure. This system is easy and environmentally friendly too. The high heating bills and cooling bills during winters and summers do not have to be as much of a burden. Homeowners can benefit from the tax credits offered by the government for using solar powered devices.

Concept of Solar Air Heaters

This form of solar air conditioning uses solar thermal systems comprising of panels and diffusers to produce warm air which is circulated to the inner parts of the room. Solar air heaters use a heat collector compartment which heats up the air that is thrown in the collector either by means of a fan or a natural form of ventilation. Once the air is heated up, it can either be stored in an accumulator based out of concrete or it can be directly circulated at the very instant. Homes preloaded with solar heaters have a significantly high resale value. The only catch is the effectiveness of the system depends on the cloud cover on a given day which will reduce output due to lack of direct sunlight.

Cooling Homes with Solar Air Conditioners

Solar air conditioners are great alternatives to modern day air conditioners due to a significant reduction by the former in power consumption and hence reduced power bills. Solar ACs usually are comprised of a solar panel system consisting of swivel curved mirrors that concentrate and reflect the heat from the sun towards water pipes, thus heating up the water within. The heated water than flows to an absorption chiller where thermal reactions occur to decrease temperatures of water considerably, which then flows through pipes. Fan units placed at various areas in the house blow air over these pipes that have cold water circulating in them, thereby blowing cool air inside the home.

Environmental and Energy Benefits

  • Being Environmentally Friendly: Seasonal home heating with solar air conditioning systems are much more environmentally friendly than other types of heating and cooling systems. These units have been designed to be directly plugged into the sub panel where most regular air conditioners are connected. The technology associated with solar AC systems is renewable and extremely environmentally friendly.

  • Saving Energy: Portable seasonal home heating with solar air conditioning systems, today have been designed to work for single rooms. The above air conditioning unit can be driven by a single 170 watt solar panel. They generally run on DC power and are available in two versions. The single unit can maintain the temperature of a 600 square foot room. Moreover, the portable version of the above unit is mounted on wheels. Solar powered air conditioning devices employ units called absorption chillers, which are generally driven by heat and are utilized in many industrial units. Certain solar heating and cooling systems contain advanced thermal collectors that can generate heat even in difficult winter conditions. Solar air conditioning systems utilize a cooling tower as an exhaust for the excess heat to escape.

  • Tax Exemption and Reduced Power Bills: The solar air conditioning systems qualify for a 30 percent grant or government tax credit. Some solar air conditioning dealers do help out in filing the State’s paperwork for the cash rebate. The proven technology of solar air conditioning can be employed to reduce or do away with the large air conditioning bills in summer and heating bills of winters.

  • Value for Money: A seasonal home heating with solar air conditioning can significantly enhance the resale value of a home. Certain solar electric companies offer a 25-year warranty for the above AC systems and the power conversion units are given a ten year factory warranty. A solar system can produce energy all around the year unlike a regular air conditioner that just consumes energy for a few months a year. The many components of solar AC systems are made from heavy duty corrosion proof materials that do not require regular maintenance. Solar air conditioners are simple, dependable and green. They make for a sound investment for a home owner and deliver the best returns. Homeowners looking to procure solar air conditioning should look up dealers with factory authorized service centers and experienced personnel. Certain agencies offer the professional services of licensed contractors and electricians to install the system.


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