Bee Removal DIY Style

Bee Removal DIY Style
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Bees, no one really likes them around but they are necessary in the big circle of life. If there are no bees certain plants cannot survive without the pollination from these buzzing insects. They can be annoying and even deadly to people who are allergic to their stings. Honeybees can infest walls, are generally buzzing around your flower garden, and may decide to build a hive somewhere on your property.

If you discover a bee hive in your yard it’s of course reasonable to want to get rid of it without killing the swarm. Time for bee removal diy style! There are many methods to driving bees out of your yard naturally. If you have a very large infestation it probably means the hive is somewhere on your property. Removing an actual hive is best left to the professionals as it can be very dangerous. A bee keeper should be consulted and many times they will come remove the hive for free to keep the bees.

Using Mothballs

This bee remedy is one of the easiest for driving a few pesky bees from the yard. It’s not only simple, but inexpensive. Bees do not like the smell of mothballs (does anyone?). Simply take a few mothballs, put them in an old sock or pantyhose and hang it in your yard from a tree or on the porch. The bees will avoid your yard like the plague. If you have a very large yard you may need to use more than one.

Bees Near A Water Source

When you installed that beautiful little pond in your backyard you probably never dreamed it would attract bees. Bees need a water source. The best way to get rid of bees in this situation is get rid of the water. Simply draining the water source will usually send them packing to look for a new source of water. This method is totally free and easy.

Using Smoke

Bees do not like smoke. It is best to use this method in the mid to late evening. Simply light a small fire in your outdoor fire place or in a small coffee can. The smoke will send the bees flying while only causing them mild discomfort and not killing them or their swarm. If the bees return you must find out why. Do you have an inviting baby pool in your yard with water?

Bees in Your Tree or Other Cavity

If you find bees in a hole in your wall or in a hole in a tree even after you get rid of them, you must keep other bees away. The best way to do this is to cover up the hole. You can use insulation or simple wire and mesh. If the cavity remains uncovered another colony of bees will probably find the space attractive and your space will be invaded again.

Getting Rid of Non Honeybees

Getting rid of bees such as yellow jackets is bit more difficult. The best way to do it is to move their nest. If you decide to attempt to move their nest wear protective clothing. After removal of the nest they will build a new nest hopefully elsewhere. There are ways to encourage them to build elsewhere though — clip your yard regularly, get rid of dandelions and use trash can lids to eliminate a food source. Spring and summer are the best times to get to the nest and hopefully get to it early. If you find the nest in its early stages only a few bees will likely have inhabited it.


Bees are annoying but necessary insects. It may seem the easiest thing to do is get out a bottle of Raid but the right thing to do is to try bee removal diy style.


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