List of 5 Non-Slip Coating Options That are Safe & Friendly to the Environment

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Applying an eco products’ non-slip coating to slick areas like walkways or patios can help keep your family safer by helping you avoid slip and fall accidents. This is particularly helpful in areas that are exposed to moisture, or if you have a member of your family whose mobility is restricted by age or disability.

Traditional non-slip coatings have a lot of unsafe chemicals in them. Those who are concerned about being environmentally friendly should try an environmentally friendly brand. Fortunately, there are many eco-friendly non slip coating products available. These products are VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free to reduce harmful fumes during application. Try out some of the ones below:

Five to Try

These five products not only make your home safer by reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents, they are safe for the environment:

  • Eco-Tuff Ruberized Non Skid Safety Coating: This non slip coating contains recycled materials to reduce the use of virgin materials in production. It is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so it will not release harmful fumes during application. This coating is Green Building certified. It is resistant to moisture, UV rays, salt and abrasion. Since it holds up well, it does not have to be reapplied as often as less durable coatings. It is available in a number of colors.
  • EcoLink TextureStone: This is a stone-like decorative spray on coating that also provides a non slip finish. This coating is porous and breathable. One of the advantages of using TextureStone is the product’s much-touted negative carbon foot-print. TextureStone is VOC-free. It is an attractive option for patios, where a more natural-looking coating may be desired.
  • What a Deck/What a Dock: This non slip coating is a water-based blend of polymers. It can be used on wood, concrete and metal. It is waterproof, which can help preserve the surface it is coating. It’s highly durable, and helps to preserve the surface that it is coating. The product is described as environmentally friendly.
  • Eco-Coat 1500: This coating is VOC-free. It cures in less than one day, which is a boon to busy households where having to avoid a garage or walkway can be inconvenient. It does not off-gas, which allows it to qualify for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Design) certification credits. It is designed to be applied over concrete in garages and driveways. Having a coating over these surfaces helps to preserve them longer, which conserves resources.
  • UltraTuff: This is another rubberized non slip coating. It is made with recycled rubber crumb. The formula is water-based and releases no VOCs. The company makes coatings designed to be used on decks and around swimming pools. The non-slip nature of these eco products makes them ideal for those sorts of wet surfaces. It can be rolled or sprayed on, and comes in a number of colors.

For those who take the environment into consideration while building, we hope this list of products will be useful.