How to Make Herbal Green Tea Bath Bags at Home

How to Make Herbal Green Tea Bath Bags at Home
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Beneficial Herbs to Make Green Tea Bath Bags

Chickweed is a wild growing plant that is good for treating skin rashes. It is perfect for weeping bites or rashes and it reduces general itching.

Lavender is probably the most commonly used herb for skincare because of its overall benefits to the skin and it is mild, yet inviting scent. It is found in perfumes and lotions. It is the perfect herb for treating mild rashes, burns, bites, and abrasions in children.

Placing Eucalyptus in a green tea bath bag can help you breathe easier when you are suffering from a cold or chest congestion. Eucalyptus has been used throughout history to help loosen phlegm and clear the lungs and nasal passages.

Rose Petals - Signifying love, beauty and youth, roses are considered in aromatherapy to be a calming nerve used for relieving tension.

Rosemary – If you are looking for an uplifting pick-me-up, add the rosemary herb to your green tea bath bags. Like lavender, it is valued for it’s pleasant scent and the herb is known to be invigorating to the senses.

Other herbs that produce an exhilarating green tea bath are peppermint and spearmint. The menthol content in these herbs is what produces the invigorating scent, and cool, fresh flavor when used as flavoring. In the bath, mints are said to lift the spirits and improve mood when you are feeling drained.

If you are looking for a detoxification herb, consider dandelion, red clover, or nettle. These are all wild growing plants that are readily available. They are used for pulling impurities from the skin and treating prolonged skin irritation that hasn’t responded to other treatment.

How to Make Green Tea Bath Bags

The complication with placing herbs directly in the bath water is that it can be messy. Making bath bags elliminates the need to clean the herbs from the tub after the bath. All you will need is a cloth fabric through which the herbs can easily infuse into the water. Cheese cloth, nylon hose, or a light-weight cotton cloth will work perfectly to make green tea bath bags.

  1. Place 1 cup of the dried herb chosen in the center of the cloth.
  2. Tie the cloth closed by making a knot in nylon hose, or tie a ribbon around cloth fabric.
  3. Tie the bag in place under the facet, so the warm bath water pours over it.


An alternative to a cloth green tea bath bag is a tea infuser. This can also be used by tying it directly under the faucet while running the bath.

If you prefer to purchase green tea bath bags, they are available in natural health stores, or online at

You can make green tea bath bags to calm your nerves, lift your spirit, or heal your skin. An herbal bath is a perfect way to pamper yourself after a long day, or simply give yourself the break that you deserve.


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