Organic Rabbit Repellent: Garlic and Chillies

Organic Rabbit Repellent: Garlic and Chillies
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Rabbits may be cute and cuddly looking creatures, but they can be awful pests if you are trying to grow a garden, so making a rabbit repellent garlic and chili mixture can help keep those bunnies from eating all of your plants. Just like a natural pest control method, this type of repellent is not harmful to either the plants or the rabbits and is an all-natural green solution to a common problem. It is also an inexpensive way to keep the rabbits from your plants, which is also something that appeals to most people as well.

Mixing the Repellents

One version of this natural repellent mixture combines a half a cup of garlic power and a half a cup of chili powder together and then you mix these two into a large watering can filled with water.

Next, stir it up. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t mix all the way. Then use this watery mixture to water your plants in the garden. Make sure you get it all around the plants, over the roots and on the leaves so it soaks into the ground.

However, you can’t use this mixture on plants you will eat or get it around where they are grown. Otherwise the same thing that happens to the rabbit will happen to you, as it makes the plant taste bad so it won’t eat it. Rabbits have sensitive noses and will not bother the plants treated with this unless they are starving.

Using the Repellent

Put the mixture on the plants in the morning and evening carefully so as to not burn the leaves of the plants. You can also sprinkle garlic and chili powder on the plants to start getting it into its system. You need to make new applications as soon as you notice the rabbits are starting to return to the garden. In some cases they can become immune to these repellents, but usually you can keep them away if you alternate it with similar versions such as the ones listed below.

Additional Garlic and Chili Repellents

There are other ways you can use garlic or chili to get keep away the rabbits. You can mix two cups of water with two teaspoons of chili powder and put it into a spray bottle to spray on the plants the rabbits want to eat.

You can also chop up fresh cloves of garlic and spread it around the plants or mix two cups of water with two spoons of garlic powder for a another kind of spray-on formula.

Both of these mixtures will repel the rabbits because it smells and tastes bad to them. Depending on the weather, the affects will last about two weeks since it soaks into the ground. If you mix a spoon or two of dish washing liquid in with either mixture it gives it even greater abilities to keep away the rabbits.


As using a biological pest control doesn’t harm your plants and environment, the same way using a natural repellent doesn’t affect the environment. Making a rabbit repellent garlic and chili solution can help to keep these furry little greedy animals away from your flowers and plants, without any harmful effects. It is easy to make, and an inexpensive and natural choice to both keep away the rabbits and not hurt the environment.


Rabbit by Andydr on Flickr