How to Make a Home Made Vaporizer

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How a Vaporizer Works

Health conscious smokers want to cut the negative health effects of smoking even while they do not want to lose its excitement. Vaporizing is the safe alternative to smoking and is possible by using a device called vaporizer. The markets are flooded with variety of vaporizers, which can be obtained easily. However, there is no need to buy expensive devices when you can easily build a homemade vaporizer. These are completely safe and much cheaper options. The plus point is that these vaporizers are as effective as any readymade vaporizer.

Vaporizers are devices that help extract and eliminate the harmful effects of herbs in the form of vapors. They are also used to extract the aroma from herbs and medicinal plants. It vaporizes the herbs below the point of combustion in a safe way. It vaporizes the essential oils of the herbs that contain the aroma and all other active ingredients. Vaporization creates the same effect as smoking does, but without creating smoke. In the process it saves your lungs from harmful health effects.

In earlier times, people used to burn plants and herbs to extract vapors from them. Now a day, it is quite easy to make these devices using simple things such as old bottles, rubber tubes, different types of pipes and other similar objects. The most important component required for making a homemade vaporizer is a light bulb and the interesting part is that you need only a fused bulb to make a vaporizer, which costs nothing.

What You’ll Need for your Home Made Vaporizer

  • A transparent 100-Watt bulb
  • 2 drinking straws
  • Cap of 2-litre soda bottle
  • Duct tape
  • Serrated knife, scissors and pliers


Cut off the bottom-most part of the metal base of the light bulb. If there are jagged edges, make them smooth. Now, use pliers to remove the filament and empty the bulb from inside. Before moving ahead, you need to sanitize the bulb by soaking it in a mixture of isopropyl alcohol (90% or higher) for ten minutes.

Place the soda bottle cap on the opening of the light bulb. Make sure that it completely fits the bulb. If it is loose, use another cap that completely fits the bulb opening.

Make two straw-sized holes in the bottle cap at a gap of half an inch from each other. Insert both the drinking straws into the bottle cap through holes. Also make sure that both these straws are placed perpendicular to the bottle cap. In addition, cut off the extra length of straws above the bottle cap. With this, you have completed the construction of your homemade vaporizer.


Time to try out your new home made vaporizer. Take a few pinches of ground-up herbs, pour them into the bulb of the vaporizer and screw on the bottle cap with straws. One thing should be kept in mind is that the cap should fit perfectly well and airflow should be through drinking straws only.

Invert the bulb with herb at its bottom and the cap on its top. Place the flame from a lighter or a candle under the bottom of the bulb. It will start the process of vaporizing. For even heating of the herb and for the maximum vapor yield, keep rotating the flame in small circles. When you begin to see white vapors, start inhaling through straws. Stop inhaling when the herbs turn dark brown in color as browning of herbs means that herbs are spent fully.