Non-Toxic Paint Remover: Homemade Recipes and Professional Option

Non-Toxic Paint Remover: Homemade Recipes and Professional Option
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There are an abundance of paint removal products available. Fortunately, there has lately even been non-toxic removers available. A non-toxic paint remover has little to no hazardous fumes; ideal for those concerned about the health and safety of themselves and the environment.

Homemade Paint Remover

We all have little accidents now and again, getting a small speck of paint on a wall is annoying but paying for a large tub of paint remover would be even more annoying. Below are a couple homemade remedies to get rid of paint.

  • A pumice soap will remove enamel, but you have to be quick.
  • Mineral oil will remove paint from your skin.

In order to use effectively, run the pumice soap or mineral oil on the affected area.

If you have a larger area of paint to remove then try these non-toxic paint removers:

Soda and Flour

  1. soda and flour

    Dissolve washing soda into cold water to a 1:1 ratio.

  2. Mix 2/3 cup of flour into warm water and make a thick gel.

  3. Add the soda water to the flour mixture.

  4. Using a paint brush, brush it on the area that paint needs removing from.

  5. Leave it on the area for 30 minutes to a few days, keeping it moist by spraying water.

  6. Wash it off with a vinegar and warm water mixture.

Borax, Ammonia and Soda

  1. Mix together borax, ammonia, soda and water to a ratio of 1:1:1:2.
  2. Brush the mixture onto the area that needs the paint stripping.
  3. Leave for 30 minutes.
  4. Remove with steel wool dipped in warm water.

Professional Paint Remover

For jobs that require paint to be removed on a larger scale, a professional paint remover is the way to go. Peel Away is one product that might meet your needs. This company focuses on industrial strength. The product is marketed to businesses rather than individuals with the promise that after brushing the product on, it can remove up to 32 layers of paint.