Tips that will help make your computing more environmentally friendly

It isn’t easy being green. Here you will find practical tips and advice about how to reduce the environmental impact of your computer operations. Experts and professionals share their tricks for easy ways to cut back and reduce the amount of waste and energy loss at your workplace. The biggest secret is going green in your office will not only help the environment, but save you money too!

Using the Green IT Life Cycle for Home Computing

Do you get lost in all the jargon surrounding Green IT? Or perhaps you have a nagging feeling that just buying an energy efficient laptop isn’t enough when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of home computing? Help is at hand. Find out how you can use the Green IT Life Cycle at home.

The Federal Government: Going Green, Full Speed Ahead!

Is the federal government really going green? Or does Uncle Sam just nag its people in order to look good? Lofty goals have been set, and the government expects the people in its various offices to do their part to meet those goals. You can get some useful ideas here and also find some great links.

Which Are the Best Electronic Paper Displays?

The idea of electronic paper display (EPD) technology has been in vogue for many decades. The proliferation of e-books has brought e-paper to the center stage, but the technology of today’s e-books are only the tip of the iceberg, and the best EPD is yet to come…read on to find out more!

Tips on Computing Energy Saving: Myths and Facts

There are ways to save energy while using your computer, but some of the tips you may have heard are either no longer applicable or are a sort of urban legend. This list helps you sort the myths from the truths so that you can truly green your computer and save money, too.

Soy-Based Ink for Printers & Soy-Based Toner

Searches on soy-based ink for printers have not been fruitful for home and office users because the formulations available are only for commercial printing equipment. This doesn’t mean, though, that users of desktop printers do not have a green alternative. Read on to find out about your options.