What is the Green Grid Consortium and How Does it Help Energy Efficiency in Data Centers?

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What is the Green Grid?

For those who are getting into the green computing area, The Green Grid is a name that you have probably heard of by now. And, if you haven’t, then you are about to learn. One of the major players when it comes to advancing energy efficiency in computer ecosystems, The Green Grid is a global organization that dedicates themselves to helping create a better way of using energy and computer resources. The mission of the organization is focused on defining for the world “meaningful, user-centric models and metrics; developing standards, measurement methods, processes and new technologies” all to help improve data centers and help them fight against the defined metrics that they already face as well as to help promote finding new energy efficiency standards and technologies.

Members of the Green Grid Consortium

The Green Grid is actually made up of some very large and interactive members who are some of the leaders in data center practices around the world. They use their knowledge to help with the organization’s collaboration with users and governments to make sure that these groups stay aligned with the basis of green computing and energy consumption. Some of the main players in The consortium includes massive companies that deal with data centers and computer creation and components, such as Dell, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Rackable Systems, Sun Microsystems, APC, and VMWare. These companies, along with many others, are all dedicated to the same mission and strive to help find more energy efficient ways of using our data centers and computers in today’s extremely fast, high-tech markets.

Providing Tools and Resources to Help

While there are many other organizations out there today that are dedicated to helping maximize energy efficiency and help to regulate both standards and processes that affect our computers and technologies, The Green Grid is the main one that deals with our data centers. The organization helps these centers and computer component makers to find the most energy efficient ways to create their products and to use the products that they purchase so that they can help contribute the the global green computing efforts. On their site, The organization offers some great tools and information for companies, such as their Green Grid Productivity Indicator, which is a new white paper that proposes a great tool that will help to visualize how the current resources in a data center are being used and how they can be improved.

To find out more about the Green Grid and what you can to do help, you can visit their web site at https://www.thegreengrid.org