Linux Encourages a Green Move to Use Fewer PC's with Their “Free the Penguins” Campaign

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The folks at Linux, along with Omni, Userful, and Novell, have launched an initiative that is aimed at reducing the number of computers used in the computer labs and classrooms of schools and universities across the country and across the globe with the Free The Penguins campaign. By reducing the number of computers used by these schools and universities, the amount of waste that results from out dated computers could be greatly reduced which in turn will also reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide being put into our atmosphere by the production and waste of those computers.

How The Program Works

The program’s initiative is based upon the latest project from Linux, the SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop which is from Novell. The great thing about the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is that it will allow you to supply up to ten users from a single machine. The introduction of this new concept, which is known as Muli-station Desktop Virtualization, will not only help to reduce the amount of waste and CO2 into the air it will also serve a great benefit to the schools and universities that utilize them by helping them to cut the costs of computer labs by purchasing fewer amounts of hardware which of course will also mean lower costs for the repair and upkeep of those machines which is a win win situation for everyone.

The SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop will feature tons of functions for student use such as Open Office, Instant Messaging capabilities, the Firefox browser, and Group Wise from Novell along with hundreds of educational applications that will be available online from Linux.

How to Participate:

Thousands of the SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktops have already been deployed to hundreds of schools and with the Free The Penguins promotion colleges, universities, and schools all over the world can get a free 30-user Desktop Multiplier™ licence, not including the hardware. The deadline for participation in this program is November 30, 2008. Educational institutions interested in participating in this program can contact Omni at: 1-780-423-4200 or they can visit the Free The Penguins web site and use their convenient contact form.

There is also a special offer for the first 30 customers that respond to this new offer. To learn more about the Free the Penguins promotion and the benefits of using the SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop visit their website at: