Increase Profits by Going Green

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If you are looking for ways to increase your profits you should consider going green. A few simple steps can help the bottom line while preserving the planet’s resources. To help keep the red ink to a minimum, YUDU Media published a free e-Book today that gives 51 ways your company can go green so you can save money and the Earth.

The guide has a wide range of ideas, some of which are common sense and others that are for the more dedicated environmentalists. Turning off computers and lights when they aren’t being used can save on the electric bill. Investing in a solar charger for cell-phones can save money in the long run. Banning water-coolers and plastic cups cut energy and waste disposal costs. Using less paper by utilizing electronic correspondence not only saves a tree but keeps the janitor happy when it is time to get rid of documents.

The guide backs up the savings with some intriguing numbers. For example, by using a PC’s power-management settings annual energy savings can be as high as $200 per PC. The instillation of automatic timers, detectors or switches can save up to 15% of the electricity bill by turning off unneeded lights and devices. Significant savings can be found if you know where to look.

A study researched by McKinsey’s and published by Carbon Trust, a body set up by the UK Government, released a report earlier this week that shows a business that becomes greener can raise its value by up to 80%. This guide is a good place to look for ideas. YUDU’s 51-point plan was compiled by journalist Mike Haskins and gives a step-by-step guide to make implementation easier. The free e-Book can be read at: (North American edition) (UK edition)

“In tough economic times, individual consumers might regard the green option as a luxury,” said Richard Stephenson, YUDU CEO. “For businesses, however, the opposite is true. In tough times, going green is one of the best ways to save money. Green is the new mean.”