Trends in Computer Virtualization Depend On Better Technologies

Trends in Computer Virtualization Depend On Better Technologies
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Trend: Utilizing Computing Power More Effectively

The very rapid gradation in chip technology has brought huge increases in processing capacity. Some hardware is so powerful that only a small part of it, about 10 to 15 percent, is actually in use. So, most of the machine capacity available is not utilized, but the machine continues to use space and energy to function. This is an obvious waste that will become even more noticeable as the computing power of hardware continues to grow. Virtualization enables hardware to support multiple systems and enables hardware usage to go up to 75 or 80 percent which makes better sense for the capital being employed. Other needs in computer virtualization are increased data storage ability and routers which allow better networking, a great incentive for the virtualization market to expand and increase usage of processing capacity.

Trend: Memory Virtualization

Memory is one of the areas that constantly worries computer users. With virtualization increasing, it is quite likely that creating applications and utilization of virtual memory will be on the top of the tasklist by the industry geeks who plan and develop new applications. Imagine logging onto a server and having the option of using the virtual memory of the server for your needs. When the application needs more memory, you can opt for what you want at a price. The broadband usage for such memory will be higher.

Trend: Storage Virtualization Needs to Utilize Available Real Estate More Effectively

Increasing storage demands for servers used in data centers have led to shortages and the need for newer more efficient methods of data storage. Storage virtualization will mean more effective use of existing hardware and the space it occupies. Virtualization can allow multiple guest systems to be lodged on a single server, with greater use of available processing power. A trend toward more storage virtualization effectively allows usage of the same real estate and thus a reduction in capital costs for growth of the business.

One of the items in data center budgets is energy costs. Due to the increasing costs of power, in part from oil costs, organizations are looking for ways and means to reduce these costs on a per operation basis. Electricity is now considered one of the top five costs in this industry. Therefore an increase in utilization of computer capacity will automatically translate into lesser costs per operation.

All computer systems require administrators that ensure that the systems run properly. Administrative duties involve monitoring the status of the hardware, its maintenance, installing operating systems and applications, and their updating, monitoring resources like memory use and disk space and ensuring proper backup of all server data for security and redundancy. With more effective use of computer capacities due to virtualization, the cost of administration will go down, with administrators able to handle machines that are doing increased work without a corresponding increase in administrators.