What is EPEAT and How Does it Help Consumers?

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What is It and What Does EPEAT Do?

For those who are starting to learn more about the green computing area, EPEAT may – or may not – be a term that you have heard or are familiar with. EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) is actually an environmental tool that is designed to help those in the public compare and purchase the right computers that are good for the environment. The tool evaluates all of the different computers on the market, including the monitors and components of the computers, and gives them a specific rating so that consumers know how well they function with the environment.

Since electronic products are part of everyone’s daily life, the use of them continues to help bring people together all over the world. But, as more products are made and discarded, they also have an impact on the environment that can be detrimental. Computer parts are some of the worst offenders when it comes to damaging the environment because they are extremely resource intensive to create, they contain high levels of toxic and other materials that aren’t good for the environment, they have an extremely short life span and are not normally recycled correctly, and they are just now starting to use electricity in a better, more efficient manner.

It is because of these problems with computers and their components that EPEAT was created. There are several organizations out there that are trying to get the right computer products that meet the environmental standards and are energy efficient, and EPEAT is a great tool to help these people find the products that they want and need. EPEAT is an extremely easy to use system that allows you to search through the computers that fit your needs to find the ones that will best suit what you need, and that are easy on the environment.

If you would like to find out more about EPEAT or find a computer that is listed on their registry, you can visit https://www.epeat.net.