What is an Economizer and How Can Data Centers Benefit?

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What is an Economizer?

An economizer can be defined as a mechanical device that helps to bring about a reduction in energy consumption. It is also used in performing another important function – preheating a fluid. To achieve or facilitate efficiency improvements, they are also known to leverage environmental temperature differences or recycle energy. They are mostly used in the data centers where they are used for the purpose of replacing or complementing cooling devices, such as, computer room air-conditioners or data center coolers. The economizers placed in the data centers usually have more than one filter in order to facilitate trapping of particles that may cause harm to the hardware. The mechanical scraping apparatus is considered to be the most successful feature of the economizer designed by Edward Green.


The economizers developed in ancient times were used for the purpose of increasing steam-raising efficiency of boilers of fixed steam engines that were in turn used for driving or pumping factories and mills as well as for power generation. Edward Green first patented it in the year 1845 and since that time it has been popularized as Green’s economizer. This economizer comprised of a range of cast iron tubes in a vertical position and was connected to a water tank both above and beneath it and the space between it was meant for the boiler’s exhaust gases to pass through.

Different Versions

There are two versions of the economizers that are currently available in the contemporary markets:

Water-side economizers – These economizers makes use of cold water in order to cool down an exterior water tower. The main advantage of these economizers is that they bring about a reduction in energy. The air-conditioners make use of the cold water from the towers instead of using the mechanically cold water. Moreover, these economizers are mostly operated during the daytime so that it can take advantage of the cooler temperatures.

Airside economizers – This pulls in the cooler air from the ambient temperatures and then directly uses it to avoid overheating. These economizers can save the energy cost in buildings because it uses the cooler air from outside to cool the indoor space. Furthermore, these energizers can also bring about a considerable reduction in HVAC energy costs where the temperature is cold and temperate. The best examples that you can find in chillers are Flash Economizers, Flasc Economizers, and lastly, Flash Flasc Economizers.

Purpose of Economizer Use in Data Centers

Economizers help the data center operators in saving operating costs to a considerable extent. According to a recent research carried out by the GreenerComputing.org economization can aid a data center in saving its energy consumption cost by more than 60%. The unfortunate part lies in the fact economizers can only aid the data centers located in areas with cooler climates. Another common purpose served by the economizers in the steam power plants is capturing the waste heat from flue gas or boiler stack gases and then transferring it to the boiler feedwater.

Summing up

Economizers bring about a considerable reduction in energy costs and proper handling will ensure that you can save your operational costs noticeably.