How to Recycle iPods, iPhones & Other Electronic Devices for Money

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Electronic products are constantly changing, increasing the need to upgrade to new models every few years. Where there was once a tendency to repair used or broken items, consumers are now quick to get rid of electronic products without considering the alternatives. All this tossed out technology is known as e-waste. However, it is possible to recycle ipods, iphones, zunes and other devices for money. Not only does this help to reduce toxic landfill waste and help the environment, it has the added benefit of putting some extra money in your pocket.

Rapid Repair

Rapid Repair is a US based service that seeks to help the environment both by recycling materials and by providing an easy and green way for you to make money recycling. Items such as PSPs, iPods, iPhones and other games consoles can all be sent in for a monetary reward based on the current condition of the item.

The process is extremely simple – visit their ‘sell your device’ page and enter a few details about your item. A Rapid Repair sales representative will reply with an estimate of your product’s value (you can make up to $200 for a fully functional iPhone). You will receive payment after they receive your product.

Business Recycling

In the past, there was never much of a market for used business-class computer hardware, however, companies such a RICOM are now starting to change that. RICOM buy used equipment and refurbish and resell it at prices substantially below retail. It’s a great way to make some cash from redundant equipment that would otherwise be shelved (or to pick up some hardware at a bargain basement price!).

Why Recycle?

Recycling either comes down to making repairs in order to resell the items, or breaking down hardware to make use of its individual parts – thus reducing the need for production of future products, or reducing toxic waste in landfills.

However, if your item is still functional then there are other ways to make money recycling, such as selling the item yourself via online auction or to a friend etc.

Points to Consider

While it makes sense to make money recycling where possible, you should consider the distance across which your item will be sent. Weigh this against the money you will receive for your item as well as other possible green benefits. You can also research any local collection points or alternative options.

In short, there are many benefits when you choose to recycle. Whether Rapid Repair is the service for you will depend upon your ultimate goals regarding the money you can make vs. the green benefits of recycling. However, if your iphone or ipod is no longer working fully then you have nothing to lose by trying out the service.