Environment Friendly Facebook Application - An Eco-friendly attempt by Facebook

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Today, many Facebook applications are making a sincere effort towards encouraging eco-friendly habits and a way of thinking that endorses conservation of the ecosystem among the millions of its users. The following are some of the most famous of Facebook’s applications, which have such environment-oriented themes:

Green My Ride

This application helps to create awareness about how our lifestyle choices make a crucial difference to limiting the level of contamination and increasing the conservation of natural resources. The users are encouraged to list every lifestyle product/good they use, including home accessories, hybrid cars and non-toxic cleaners that make them better, i.e. greener citizens. The focus is more towards recommending what you can buy rather than dictating what has been done wrong.

(Lil) Green Patch

The basic idea is raising awareness about the increasing effects of Global Warming and the little ways in which all of us can contribute towards solving this problem. This has been one of Facebook’s most appreciated applications for some time. The money that is generated through using this application is donated to conservation programs such as the Nature Conservancy — Adopt an Acre. Due to the success of this application, acres of rainforests are being saved every week.

Green My Vino

This application is the initiative of Village Green and it insists upon making a practical and significant contribution towards the conservation of our ecosystem. Village Green actually purchases a corresponding amount of sustainable energy on behalf of its user. These days, the application is dedicated towards acting as a profitable incentive for the wineries in California to purchase green power. The users are encouraged to send as many ‘green’ minutes to their friends. The profit generated is used to buy the renewable sources of power like wind and solar energy.

I Am Green

This application encourages you to incorporate more eco-friendly habits which when embedded in your daily lifestyle can make a significant difference. Every time a user wants to celebrate his/her green choices, the subscriber’s actions are highlighted on the profile. Users are encouraged to take-up small initiatives such as re-using their plastic bags and spread the motivation in their local community.

Big Green Challenge

This application makes the whole idea of going green more interactive and a bit of fun. The users and their friends are pitted against each other in a friendly game of who is reducing more carbon footprints and there are points awarded for it. Users are encouraged to discuss the effectiveness of simple things such as switching-off the power for lights and appliances when leaving home. Further, your actions can be gauged and seen by everyone else. A simple calculation shows the amount of carbon dioxide saved and the number of trees that have been saved.

Do the Green Thing

It suggests and encourages the users to undertake simple ways in which they can make their immediate environment greener. An interesting addition is that of the carbon calculator, which evaluates all the actions that have been completed by the user and then calculates approximately how much carbon was saved. It is refreshing to find an application that has a sense of humour, complete with monster images, when reading the inspiring stories that could help catalyse the eco-friendly individual within us.