Green Web Hosting Companies: Using Eco-Friendly Dedicated Hosting Providers

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With environmental issues engaging the serious attention of business houses across the world, a new technology has been evolved to provide all website owners to either rent or purchase green dedicated servers. Environmentalists are exhorting technology companies, particularly web site owners and internet users, to opt for green dedicated servers to save energy and minimize pollution. In fact this attempt has made several web hosting companies go green. Green Web hosting companies not only offer quality services with low price but also help reducing CO2 emission.

Green Dedicated Servers

Green dedicated servers look sleek and small and occupy less space. Strangely, they offer greater bandwidth and memory. The other striking features of Green servers are more efficient power supply units and more effective cooling systems. Environmentalists are happy as these servers use alternate renewable sources of energy like solar power and wind power. Yet another redeeming feature is these servers considerably minimize the emission of pernicious carbon dioxide gases.

Traditional dedicated servers expend too much energy and recklessly contribute to the carbon footprint. The Earth’s carbon footprint is the yardstick of the impact human activities have on the environment. It also costs more to run traditional dedicated servers as they consume a lot of energy.

Benefits of Using Green Servers

Clients of Green Servers need not be dismayed as they will receive all the benefits offered by regular servers but at a much lesser price. The performance levels of Green dedicated servers are fairly high and it is proven that they save companies up to 40 percent of their energy costs. Further, a Green server client will be entitled to certificated documentation confirming the carbon neutral status of the server.

As a matter of fact, technology users need not be unduly concerned about shared hosting when they use green dedicated servers. The Green dedicated servers allow consumers to own their web site and have complete control over content management - apart from owning the IP address. For a small service fee, hosting companies will also be willing to provide technical support for those consumers who may not have time or the expertise to manage their web domain.

Web Hosting Companies to Use

Both government and private sector industries and business houses are beginning to realize the impact their operations have on the environment. Likewise, the hosting companies also now fully recognize the detrimental effects on the environment computers are causing and are responsibly moving in the direction of green dedicated servers. Host companies worldwide are eagerly embracing this earth-friendly switch-over and want to contribute to environmental causes.

Many environment - conscious host companies have started offering green dedicated servers that work economically for small to mid-sized businesses who wish more efficiency at less cost. Customers are satisfied as these servers offer large memory storage, high performance and all the functions as traditional dedicated servers.

Hosting companies like SuperGreen Hosting, Hostgator, Green Geeks and ThinkHost are preferred by many webmasters over conventional web hosts. These web hosting companies are reliable, have great support system and offer competitive price in the crowded market of web hosting business. ThinkHost, for example, provides services which are broadly governed by renewable energy of sun and wind. Hostgator claims that it uses shared and reseller servers which are 130% powered by wind and it has certified renewable energy credits needed for generating efficient and reliable dedicated servers. On the other hand, SuperGreen Hosting and Green Geeks provide services like buying carbon credits and using renewable energy from the sun or wind. Both companies use energy-efficient servers which are 200% to 300% powered by sun or wind.

It is an encouraging sign that both the hosting companies as well as the entire technology sector are becoming increasingly environment-conscious with regard to internet communication, web sites and networking services. Not stopping with offering customers green dedicated servers, hosting companies have also started using recycled paper and old hardware. The Governmental bodies as well as private industries owe it to posterity to use Green servers that will reduce environmental impact.