The Green Energy Summit: An Opportunity for Global Conferencing on Green IT

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The Green Energy Summit of 2009

People with an impact on public policy or involvement in big business will want to keep an eye on the Green Energy Summit, a four-day event where leaders from around the world will meet to decide aspects of the future of international policy on the environment. This mega-meeting will include conference and exhibit functions around the overall task of emergy conservation and carbon control, with attention to the major “building blocks” of comprehensive green strategy. A diverse collection of business and advocacy groups underwrites this pivotal opportunity for starting to take the reins of issues surrounding climate change and energy consumption.

Addressing Green IT

The Green Energy Summit will include focuson several points around green technologies. Some of the main tenets to be covered include: case studies and best management practices (blueprints for the future), brainstorming on addressing compliance and using carbon offsets, and of course, hot new methods for conservation like server virtualization and efficient data storage. It is anticipated that some very interesting new methods will come out of this “meeting of the minds” for streamlining and development of what has become the “Holy Grail” of IT leaders: a perfect data processing methodology, from incoming communications to long-term storage of client information or other “mass data”.

Other major focuses include green building, as well as attention to developing renewable fuel sources like solar, hydroelectric, or biofuels. Persons who are already hard at work on these needed innovations will want to keep up with what’s coming out of the Green Energy Summit.

For a look at some background around the organization and setup of the event, readers can take a look at then involvement of individuals such as the summit’s Chief Patron, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, a former president of India who has been called a “visionary” and a “people’s president”, and who has been a major voice for energy independence and renewable fuels over the emergence of a greater “green” movement. Looking at the track record of Dr. Kalam and other involved in charting the path of this event will show how integral the summit is in addressing what has come to be an issue on the forefront of the international “conversation”.

What’s in Store

A detailed schedule of the event now available online shows four days jam-packed with keynote speeches and more, including awards ceremonies and planned networking sessions. Leaders from around the world will hold forth on subjects such as planning perspectives and engineering possibilities. Governor Schwarzenneger of California is scheduled to attend to talk about how one of America’s largest and most populous states learned that green policy can be good for business. Another U.S. contribution will be a session introducing and explicating LEED, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ developed by the U.S. Green Building Council that holds so much sway on our side of the pond. With so much planned for getting world leaders on the same page, it’s certain that any attending V.I.P. will learn a lot about how the rest of the world approaches green development.


If you do plan to attend, don’t delay: take a look at various “delegate packages” available and use the online Registration site to book your participation in what promises to be a flashpoint for green computing and overall environmental policy world-wide!