How To Save Your Wallet and Your Car With Your iPhone

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Great Applications

When it comes to your iPhone, it seems that there is an application for everything you could imagine and when it comes to green living, there are plenty of iPhone applications that can give you a helping hand. From finding carpools to finding the quickest way around that massive traffic jam, these iPhone applications can help you save time and money.

iPhone Applications for Traffic Problems

Traffic - No one likes to just sit there in a huge traffic jam. You’re usually already late for work and either your heater or air conditioner doesn’t want to work right. So, you want to be able to find the quickest way around that mess without wasting any more time than you already have. Well, there is now this application for your iPhone that will help you find the fastest way around that traffic jam, using up-to-the-minute news and information, and the use of GPS navigation to get you out of that jumble. While this application works in the US and UK, there is no Canada support yet, but it is in the works. The best thing about this application is that it is only $1.99.

PrimoSpot - This is actually just an application that can be used from any mobile device, even your iPhone. Here is what it does: it helps you find the best open parking spots anywhere you are to help save you the time of driving around, searching for one. But, here is the downside, it’s only available in the New York City area. But, since this application is so cool, it will probably be picked up by other larger cities soon. Basically what this application does it that it searches through over 20,000 listed parking spots to show you which are open and which meters are about to expire. This can make it so much easier to find a spot on a crowded street instead of parking and walking for several blocks. The good thing about this application for you New Yorkers is that it is completely free!

BackTrack - This application can help you find your way home again if you get lost, get somewhere and don’t know how to get back, or just get a blonde moment and forget where you are (it happens to the best of us at times). So, if you ever get someplace by following directions and you’re sure you can never find your way out again, then BackTrack is the way for you. You use this application by saving your current location, such as home, and then it will tell you how to get back there after you have reached your destination. This is great for all sorts of different things, such as finding your car in the mall parking lot during the Christmas rush, hiking on a new trail, or navigating through the State Fair. You will find so many uses for this application that it will pay for itself millions of times over because it’s only $0.99.

GreenMeter - This super cool green application will help you keep track of your car’s efficiency when it comes to power and fuel. And, it can also help you find new ways of driving your car to help maximize this efficiency. It will calculate how you use your car and it’s current rate of power and fuel costs and then help you by showing you how to adjust your habits so that you can cut down on your gas costs, thus cutting down on your carbon footprint. You can also be extremely specific about everything that affects how your car runs, such as weather, so that you get the most accurate reading and helpo from this application as well. While it is $5.99, it can help you save much more than that each month.