How To Save On Gas Using Your iPhone

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Applications Can Save You Major Cash

When it comes to gas, everyone seems to be searching for the cheapest place in town. And, even with gasoline prices going down, the pain at the pump can still sting if you can’t find a low price. So, how can you use your iPhone to find the best prices in town when it comes to gas? Here are some of the hottest applications that you can easily use to help you save some major cash!

iPhone Gas Applications

iGas - This application can help you find the 10 cheapest gas stations near your current location based on the most up-to-date information for the US retail gas and diesel prices. Simply enter in your information, such as your zip code, and you’re easily on your way to finding the 10 lowest prices on gasoline for your car asap. Not only will this application save you money at the pump, but it will also save you the time of driving around the blocks, searching the prices for the lowest one. You can purchase iGas from your iPhone for $2.99.

GasBag - This application will also help you find the cheapest gas stations that are close to you just like iGas, but here’s the kicker - this one is FREE. So, you can actually find all the cheapest gast stations near you and you can also track your gas mileage and expenses. There are plenty of extra features that this application offers that iGas doesn’t, such as a logbook feature that will help calculate your miles per gallon, the price per gallon and the overall price per mile that you are using. This way, you can see what you spend and what you save when you make any changes. It also helps by keeping track of the prices as close to real time as it can get to help you stay on top of all the low gas in your area. But, there are reviews out there that state that this application doesn’t cover all of the areas in the US, so you might check it out before you download it.

GasHog - Would you like to see how your car stacks up when it comes to efficiency with gas? Well, this application does it for you. You simply enter your mileage when you fill up your tank and it will give you how your car did on the last tank of gas that you purchased. This is a great way to make sure that you use your fuel efficiently, and you can keep track of changes made and how they affected the way that your fuel functions. It will also track long and short term changes, and help with tips on more efficient driving. You can get this application for only $0.99.

By simply using these cheap applications on your iPhone, you can easily save yourself time and money when you’re searching for the best prices at the pump.

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