Eco-Friendly Laptop Bags and Cases to Protect Your Laptop Computer

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Choosing an Eco-friendly Laptop Bag

Laptops are designed to the maximum portability. Whether you are an executive or a student, when you’re on the go you need a laptop case that is functional and lightweight. Now you can also choose form a range of environmentally friendly options to help you reduce your carbon footprint even more. Here is a list of some green laptop bags and cases currently available.

Hemp Bags

These bags are made of hemp, which is a durable and eco-friendly material:

Bags and Cases Made From Natural or Recycled Materials

Hemp isn’t the only natural material that is used to make laptop bags from. They can also be made from bamboo, wood cork, recycled plastics and paper, or cotton.

  • Chopstick Koo Bag– This bag is made from stained bamboo chopsticks and lined with a removable hemp bag
  • Icon Messenger Style Notebook Case – The Eco-Messenger case is made from recycled materials and has a padded sleeve to help protect your laptop along with plenty of pockets for extra storage.
  • ACT2 Laptop Case– This case is made from 100% recycled materials such as plastic bottles recycles PET water
  • Handmade Expressions Bag - This Fair Trade cotton quilted bag is made using traditional wooden block (Azrakh) printing with chemical free natural dyes
  • The Architype Laptop Case – This sleek case is made from cork