How the Electronics TakeBack Coalition Hopes to Increase the Percentage of Americans that Recycle Computers, TVs, and Other Electronic Equipment

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Americans Looking to Recycle Old Electronics

Today, about 95 percent of Americans have computers in their homes. Almost every building and business uses computers and it is almost a requirement for a good employee to be at least basically skilled in computer literacy.

With this in mind, all companies and even individual Americans are looking for more ways to make Internet faster and more reliable. A lot of people are throwing out old computers for better and faster ones. Where do those computers go? A lot of people do not know this, but they go to the landfills. This builds up way too much E-waste and is creating a huge problem.

Also, old TV sets and antennas will no longer be of use because since February of 2009, all TVs have broadcasted only in digital. To make matters worse, more and more brand new television sets have been sold very recently; an estimated 4 and one half million flat-screen TV sets were sold last year alone, many more purchased exclusively for sporting events!

All those old computers and televisions are now either being stored in garages and basements or being thrown out. This is a big problem because the amount of E-waste (electronic waste) has increased dramatically. This is beginning to cause an environmental calamity.

Hardly anybody recycles those old electronics. This is mainly because no one really knows how or even where to do it. There really has never been a place for it, mainly because there has never been such a need. Because of this, people throw their computers in the garbage without giving it a second thought. A mere 12 percent of television sets and computers combined are recycled per year. This is because it is neither convenient nor easy to recycle these products.

How the Electronic TakeBack Coalition Helps

The Electronic TakeBack Coalition is an organization that has been working to promote easy and responsible recycling. They have decided that, in order to help solve this problem, it is time for a change. In an attempt to persuade the millions of Americans who are throwing out those electronics or will be forced to do so, this company has decided to take a stand for our environment.

In order for this to be done, it has been determined that electronics recycling should be easy and convenient. It should also be free of charge. As a result, Electronics TakeBack Coalition has teamed up and decided to urge computer and television set production companies such as Panasonic, Phillips, Sony, Sharp, and others and persuade them to take back the computers and make recycling easier.

Sony Corporation has recently opened the first electronics takeback system. This is a program that enables Americans to recycle their old television sets and computers for free. It is easy and convenient, which is what most consumers want. ETC hopes that this will inspire the other companies to contribute to the environment and aide in this effort.

Lots of people wonder where to take their electro-garbage or how to find this information. ETC has compiled a guide that will tell you what companies will take them back and recycle them responsibly. This guide can be found at . Also, when you recycle your old electronics to some of these companies, you may receive credit towards a brand new television or computer product of this company. Another good option is to give away your old products or donate them. They will be used for a good cause and will not be sent to other countries. ETC is hoping that this will help coax the millions of Americans to be responsible and recycle those old computers and televisions.