What is the Blackle Search Engine and Does Blackle Really Help Save Energy?

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What is Blackle and How Does it Help Save Energy?

Blackle was inspired by a study conducted in 2002 by Roberson. The study claimed that computer monitors displaying colors consume more energy than those using only black and white. Blackle was created by Heap Media, an Australian online services company. Their aim is to provide another small step in saving energy. Creators of Blackle claim that there is a significant difference in power consumption between black and white screens for ART monitor. CCFL backlit Liquid Crystal Display, (LCD), screens were shown to be less affected by color due to the constant backlight. Computers without a constant backlight such as organic light-emitting diode, (OLED), screens, plasma screens and LED backlit LCD screens are more affected and can show greater energy savings with the use of Blackle.

Blackle conserves energy by using a black screen and white text. Computer monitors don’t use as much energy to display the color black instead of white. By setting Blackle as your home page will save you a little energy every time it loads and displayed on your computer screen.

Is Blackle the New Google?

According to Google the answer is no. Bill Weil, Google’s Energy Czar, claims that Google’s own, independent research on black backgrounds on monitors show no reduction in energy savings at all. In fact, Weil claims that a black screen on a CTR monitor can actually consume more energy. Blackle has also been criticized for a number of other reasons including lack of clarity about its effect in relation to power usage and the manufacturer, type and size of the monitor.

Other ‘Dark’ Search Engines to Save Energy

There are a number of ‘dark’ search engines, some of which have more features than others. These are:

· Darkoogle – has a black background with green and white text

· GreenerGle – displays a black background with green, blue and white text

· Earthle - has a black background with green, blue and grey text

· Google Black - displays a black background with white text

· Jabago - displays white text on a black background

· Wattoogle - Google-powered search engine that switches the white background to black and displays white text