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    • Running with Your iPod: Apps You Shouldn't Miss

      After putting your running shoes on, it's likely that your iPod isn't far behind in your running armory. Even if until now you've only used it to play your favorite songs...

      Written by: Wendy Finn
    • What's Wrong with My iPod?

      As beautiful, well-designed and functional as Apple iPods are, it's inevitable that sometimes you may experience problems. No matter what model or generation iPod you have, there...

      Written by: Wendy Finn
    • A Collection of the Best iPod Games Available

      There are hundreds of thousands of different games available for the iPod Touch from the iTunes store, and finding the best games can be difficult as they are buried under the sheer...

      Written by: D Lamberti
    • Comprehensive Guide to the Best iPod Nano Tutorials

      The Nano is the no-nonsense iPod that breaks down the basic media playback options with a much smaller size and price. The device is simpler than other iPod models, but it still has...

      Written by: Shane Burley
    • Everything iPod: How Do You Stack Up?

      You've read the reviews, watched the keynotes, seen the commercials ... but how much do you really know about the iPod? Think you're an expert? Prove it by taking this...

      Written by: Michael Dougherty
    • Apps: Getting the Most out of Your iPod Touch

      Now that you’ve got an iPod Touch, what is the first app you’re going to purchase? With over 100,000 available, scrolling through the drop down menus at the app store...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • An iPod User's Guide

      Knowing how to set up, manipulate, and work with your iPod in a variety of ways can make owning one of these MP3 players much more enjoyable. In this collection of guides, Bright Hub...

      Written by: D Lamberti
    • Free Music Options for the iPod

      Do you have an iPod and want to listen to music on it without having to buy the songs? There are many legal options for having free music on your iPod and this article will point...

      Written by: Donny Yankellow
    • Does the iPod touch 4 Come with an Internet Plan?

      When you get a fourth generation iPod touch, you instantly want to get connected to the internet. That is not a quick process, however, unless you have a few other things in place....

      Written by: Rochelle Connery
    • How to Begin with a New iPod Touch 4th Generation

      The 4th generation of the iPod Touch is a unique device that has a lot of new elements, while building on its tradition. Here are some tips to get new iPod Touch 4 owners started.

      Written by: Shane Burley
    • A Really Awesome Image Gallery of iPod Accessories

      Due to the huge success of the iPod, many companies have created convenient and entertaining accessories for the popular MP3 player. This image gallery contains some of the most interesting...

      Written by: D Lamberti
    • How to Use a SanDisk Sansa in an iPod Docking Station

      The iPod is one of the most popular MP3 players. As such, many companies have produced docking stations to allow you to listen to the music on your iPod on speakers. If you have a SanDisk...

      Written by: Rita A.
    • Top 10 Microsoft Zune Accessories

      Find out which are the Top 10 Microsoft Zune accessories — the best Zune accessories on the market today, gathered in a Top 10 stand-off. Read this detailed description of the...

      Written by: Brandon Levski
    • Top Car Chargers for Your RCA Opal

      The Opal MP3 player is a great device to bring with you everywhere, even in your car. This gives you the opportunity to use the cigarette lighter port to charge your device and even...

      Written by: Kristina Dems
    • What are The Best Speakers for an iPod?

      Tired of listening to your iPod on headphones all the time? Well, it's time to upgrade. But, what are the best speakers for your iPod? Learn more here!

      Written by: Misty Faucheux
    • Listen to Songs On an MP3 Player Without Downloading a Single File

      Find out what slotRadio cards are and compare their advantages and disadvantages to determine if it's an option for your MP3 player or mobile phone.

      Written by: Vasanth
    • Sansa Fuze's Media Conversion Software Does the Job -- Barely

      The Sansa Fuze comes with a free software package known as the Media Converter. This program allows you to change videos and photos into formats supported by the device. Is this program...

      Written by: Misty Faucheux
    • Eton Sound 100 Review

      The Eton Sound 100 is an AM/FM iPod dock. It is a discontinued model, but you can still purchase this device from third-party vendors. Learn about the pros and cons of this iPod...

      Written by: Misty Faucheux
    • Top 6 RCA MP3 Bluetooth Accessories

      Bluetooth connectivity for devices is not always built in. This is why you may sometimes need Bluetooth adapters, receivers and transmitters to stream data, including music, wirelessly...

      Written by: Kristina Dems
    • Top 10 Sony S Series Walkman Cases

      The key to keep your Sony S Series Walkman intact and free from scratches is to have a protective case. These ten recommended cases are made to fit and help keep your Sony S or "Sensing"...

      Written by: Kristina Dems
    • Best Value in MP3 Players

      Are you looking to replace an outdated MP3 player? Does your battery not hold up for more than a couple of hours, or worse, is your flash drive so small it can’t hold more...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • Think You're a Music Geek? Take This Quiz to Test Your MP3 Knowledge

      So, you love music and have a huge compilation of MP3 files? Do you think you are one of those music smarts who know everything about this audio format? Take this quiz to test...

      Written by: Anurag Ghosh
    • MP3 Players: Understanding the Technology

      MP3 players are one of the most widely used electronic devices in the world, playing music and video while accomplishing many other tasks as well. There are also many different music...

      Written by: Shawn S. Lealos
    • Small Compact MP3 Player Perfect for Adults and Kids

      If you are looking for a small, compact MP3 player that is simple to use, check out the one discussed in this article. It is great for kids and adults who are looking for a player that...

      Written by: Amanda Presley
    • Six Friendly MP3 Players to Download: Low CPU Requirements

      A lot of media players are too bulky for low end systems. Fortunately for those guys who still can’t upgrade their systems, there are a lot of options out there for media playback...

      Written by: Kristina Dems
    • Samsung Galaxy Player: How Does it Compare to the iPod Touch?

      The Samsung Galaxy 50 has a lot of features, but it also has some faults. Samsung is trying to position this device as the next iPod. How does it compare to the Apple device, and do...

      Written by: Misty Faucheux
    • A Look at Some of the Best RCA MP3 Players

      RCA is a manufacturer of inexpensive, portable MP3 players and some of the best RCA MP3 players are listed below.

      Written by: unsel
    • What iPod or MP3 Player is Best for Audiobooks?

      When MP3 players first came on the market, their sole purpose was for music. They have come a long way, and can do much more. For all those book lovers out there, you are able to read...

      Written by: Rita A.
    • Top 25 MP3 Players

      This list of 25 high quality MP3 players compares 25 different MP3 players that are designed to fit specific needs. From iPods to waterproof MP3 devices, this is the definitive list...

      Written by: D Lamberti
    • Guide to Using Your Coby MP3 Player

      MP3 players are popular devices and can hold more music than a CD. MP3 players today can do a lot more than play music, such as pictures, video and even access the Internet. This article...

      Written by: Rita A.
    • Comprehensive Guide to SanDisk MP3 Players

      MP3 players are great for working, jogging or just sitting and relaxing while listening to your favorite tunes. Check out this SanDisk MP3 player guide, which covers everything from...

      Written by: Vicki Perry
    • Easily Upload Files to Your Sansa e260

      You've just got your new Sansa e260. Now you need to upload your media to the device. You can easily transfer data between your computer and your device if you know the proper file...

      Written by: Misty Faucheux
    • How to Load Songs on a SanDisk MP3 Player

      Are you wondering “How do I load songs on my SanDisk MP3 player?” Well it is easy to transfer songs onto the SanDisk player. Read on to find out how.

      Written by: unsel
    • The Pros and Cons of the Free Sansa Media Converter

      SanDisk offers the Media Converter program, which changes your media into different formats. The program has a lot of positives, but the drawbacks may be too much for many people. Find...

      Written by: Misty Faucheux
    • SanDisk Sansa's $20 MicroSD MP3 Player: No USB Cables Required

      The Sansa slotMusic player does not sync like traditional music players. It instead uses microSD cards. This player is specifically designed with beginner users in mind. So, does the...

      Written by: Misty Faucheux
    • Updating SanDisk's Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Driver Software

      Need drivers for your Sansa Fuze MP3 player? The software isn't readily available online. You need to update it using a freely-downloadable program or your computer's Control...

      Written by: Nick Grimes
    • MP3 Player Review: SanDisk Sansa Fuze+

      The Sansa Fuze+ is a budget MP3 player, but it comes packed with a lot of features. For less than $100, you can record audio and play videos. But, is the player worth the money?...

      Written by: Misty Faucheux
    • MP3 Player Review: Sansa Express

      The Sansa Express is a small, budget MP3 player with a lot of features. It comes with features that you wouldn't expect in a player in its class. But, is it worth the money?...

      Written by: Misty Faucheux
    • SanDisk MP3 Player: Changing the Battery

      The battery on your SanDisk MP3 player isn't going to last forever. But that doesn't mean that you have to purchase a new player. You can change out the battery yourself, extending...

      Written by: Misty Faucheux
    • Top 10 Cheap Sansa MP3 Players

      Here we list down the top 10 cheap Sansa MP3 Players. All of these MP3 players give value for your money with their excellent features and functionality.

      Written by: Arnold Zafra
    • Walkman Hacks to Improve the Volume on Your Sony MP3 Player

      Tired of the way that your Sony Walkman is working? Well, you can hack the device and change of the settings. This can improve the functioning of certain items, including the volume...

      Written by: Misty Faucheux
    • Getting Started with Your Walkman MP3 Player

      The thought of a traditional Sony Walkman can bring back memories of times past. But, you can now get Walkman MP3 players. Listen to all your favorite music on the updated version of...

      Written by: Misty Faucheux
    • Best MP3 Players by Sony

      Looking for best MP3 players from Sony? You’ve come to the right page. Sony MP3 players are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles and capable of storing tons of...

      Written by: unsel
    • Sony Walkman History

      The Sony Walkman history tells us how one deviation from an established idea could spawn a revolution. Based on Sony’s tape recorders, the Walkman only featured tape playback...

      Written by: Kristina Dems
    • Can You Use a Sony MP3 Player as an Ipod Cable?

      If you have a Sony MP3 player and an iPod, you might be wondering whether a Sony MP3 player can be used as an iPod cable. We have compiled useful information here to explain exactly...

      Written by: Rochelle Connery
    • Where Can I Find Free Video Downloads for Sony Walkman MP3 Player?

      Learn where to find free video downloads for Sony Walkman MP3 Player. Discover some of the risks involved when downloading videos from the Internet.

      Written by: Leon Eardley
    • Can I Use a Sony Walkman MP3 Player with a USB 1.0 Port?

      Learn if you can use your Sony Walkman MP3 player with a USB 1.0 port and find out about the differences between a USB 1.0 port and the newer USB 2.0 port.

      Written by: Leon Eardley
    • How To Play Your Sony Walkman MP3 Player Through Your Van Radio

      Do you want to know more about how to play your Sony Walkman MP3 player through your van radio? It's something we do all the time in our van, and I've got your answer right...

      Written by: Lucinda Watrous
    • Tips on Increasing Volume on Sony Walkman MP3 Players

      Is the music too soft on your Sony Walkman? It happens to many people. Sony has tried to protect your ears. A few steps can make it louder. Learning to adjust and to set about increasing...

      Written by: Aunindita
    • Top 10 Cheapest Sony MP3 Players

      I've researched the cheapest Sony MP3 players to find the best offers for you. The article includes the best MP3 players, their features and their prices to make the search easier...

      Written by: Aunindita
    • All About the Zune Digital Media Platform

      With the emergence of free media, licenses and programs have become more accessible to obtain. As a result, platforms like Zune have become mainstream in creating a more user-friendly...

      Written by: Cameron Burry
    • Zune DVD Conversion

      This article explains DVD conversion for the Microsoft Zune and lists some popular software.

      Written by: Erik Hinrichsen
    • How to Add a CD to Your Zune

      In the past, you would see CDs in the car, on the stereo at home, etc. and now all you have to do is carry around an MP3 player you can hold in your hand. This article will help you...

      Written by: Rita A.
    • Tips on How to Use a Zune

      When you get a new Zune you want to learn all you can about it. This article will show you how to set up your Zune, add some music, videos, and pictures, and other tips you should know...

      Written by: Rita A.
    • Can You Put LimeWire Songs on a Zune?

      Zune is a music player that can play audio files and videos. It is Microsoft’s version of the Apple iPod and has many of the same features. Along with other music, you can put...

      Written by: Rita A.
    • Overview of Microsoft's Music Subscription Service

      Want to stream and download music using your Zune player, computer and other devices? Discover the features of Zune Pass and determine which subscription plan is right for you.

      Written by: Vasanth
    • Setting up a Zune

      To get the most from your Zune, you have to set it up. This includes settings on the Zune itself and in the Zune software. Read on to learn all about Zune setup.

      Written by: C.D. Crowder
    • Top 10 Wallpapers for Zune MP3 Players

      If you want to make your Zune more personalized, check out this list of the top 10 wallpapers for Zune.

      Written by: Aunindita
    • How to Convert MP3 and Other Files to Zune Video Compatible Files?

      Wondering how to convert MP3 files into Zune compatible format? Here, the whole process is described through simple steps.

      Written by: Asheesh
    • Want to Put Nintendo Games on Your Zune? Here's How

      This is a step by step guide on how to add Nintendo games to the Zune HD by using the Open ZDK emulation program, Visual C# and Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.1.

      Written by: KennethSleight