Home TV & Video: Purchasing, setting up and getting the most from your home entertainment systems

Watching media whether it be cable, analog, digital, satellite, or a streamed video network comes in many formats and works across many platforms. You may be wanting to buy a new LCD flat screen, mount and watch on one of a thousand high tech TVs that hit the market every month, stream and share video files across a network, or set up HDMI, DTV, DLP… The choices for home vision are diverse and sometimes complex. However getting the most from your TV or projector setup can make the difference between an average and exceptional home theater experience. Here we offer the home entertainment enthusiast help when setting up, converting and configuring a TV, projector, monitor or PC for stunning home visuals. This topic looks at such subjects as, how to wire up an LCD for satellite TV, DVD and HDMI? And troubleshooting home video playback and streaming, etc. We also offer advice for those wanting to buy the best TV or projector for their home theater needs.

Bright Hub Reviews Best TV Bargains: Holiday 2011 Shopping

The holidays are fast upon us, Black Friday has come and gone. With so few shopping days left until Christmas you need a good source for your bargin holiday buying help. No worries, here Bright Hub looks at the best TVs of the 2011 season just in time for the X-mas rush.

Your Guide to HD Television Reviews

In this comprehensive selection of reviews, we cover everything from the ultra small Sony OLED XEL-1 to the mammoth 92 inch Mitsubishi 3D offering. No style is left out, with options for Plasma lovers, LED and LCD aficionados, and those who can’t imagine a world without the magic of mirrors (DLP).

Alternatives To Google TV

If Sony’s Google TV is not for you, consider upgrading to one of the following Internet TVs. Discover the features of each one and determine which alternative to Google TV is right for you. If you like your current TV, look at peripheral devices that connect to the Internet.