High Tech Kitchen

Discover all the cooking gadgets and gizmos to create the high tech kitchen of your dreams. Read honest reviews, opinions and insight into the newest gadgets, timers, juicers, toasters, cooking, baking and boiling implements to aid your creation of gourmet meals and healthy snacks.

Complete Guide to Kitchen Gadgets.

The kitchen is full of gadgets from inexpensive cooking timers to elaborate toaster ovens. If you’re a gadget lover, check out this article for information about details about kitchen essentials and luxuries for every price range.

Guide to Induction Cookers

While gas prices continue to rise, many chefs are seeing induction cookers as a great investment. Overall, induction cookers are safer and more efficient than conventional stoves. Here is a guide to induction cookers and their many benefits.

Best-Ever Summer Barbecuing and Grilling Gadgets

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Do you smell that? That sweet and smoky aroma that is causing your taste buds to salivate. That, my friend, is the smell of a charcoal grill searing some award winning BBQ chicken. Time to check out the gadgets that’ll make this year the best BBQ season ever.

Digital Scrapbook Family Cookbook Ideas

Digital scrapbooking takes the concept of a traditional paper-and-glue scrapbook and modernizes it for the digital era. Using a photo editor, a scanner, and a digital camera, you can create a beautiful and unique digital scrapbook family cookbook that can easily be shared with family and friends.

Choosing a Brushed Chrome Hand Mixer

If you’re looking for a brushed chrome hand mixer, try one of these models. Three of them are the immersion-stick types, and the other two are traditional hand-held mixers. Most users prefer brushed chrome because, unlike plastic used in other models, it doesn’t stain or crack.

A Review of the Stainless Steel Titan Peeler as Seen on TV

The Titan Peeler as seen on TV is much more than your average peeler. It is a stainless steel peeler that also includes a slicer when purchased directly from the company’s website. The product comes with a lifetime warranty & a 2-month money-back guarantee. Learn more in this Tital Peeler review.

Magic Bullet Express Review

The Magic Bullet Express is one of those items that came to us via television infomercials, but its versatility and popularity have moved it onto local store shelves and popular online retailers. Read this Magic Bullet Express review before deciding whether you’re going to buy one.