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Where to Find a List of DLNA Devices (Certified)

With more than 9,000 DLNA compliant devices currently on the market, researching and finding the devices that you are interested in can be challenging if you don’t know where to start looking. So in this article we reveal where you can find an official list of DLNA devices.

The Best Samsung Voice Recorders Reviewed

This article focuses on top rated Samsung voice recorders, and the top models from the house of Samsung have been reviewed for you here. Let’s start off with the basics, such as the essential aspects that you must look out for in a good voice recorder, before moving on to the top contenders.

Headset Adapters Buying Guide & Recommendations

Headset adapters make the pairing of telephone/cell phone with any headset possible. Some of the adapters are brand specific to cell phones, for example a Nokia adapter can be used to interface a Nokia cell phone with any headset, while some of them are universally adaptable.