Special Health Needs of Disabled Children

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Role of Parents

In a family, if a disabled child is born in any respect, it is the prime duty of the parents to maintain his/her good health. To achieve this objective it is important for parents to understand their special health needs first. According to the extent of disability of a child, parents can take suitable measures to meet the health needs of disabled child. For example, a bedridden child needs more care as compared to a hearing impaired child. As a bedridden child cannot walk, it is the duty of parents to take him/her outdoors for his good mental and social adjustment. For a speech impaired child, it is important for parents to maintain a regular meal time, as he/she is unable to express his feeling of hunger verbally. Parents should try to give quality time to special needs children at home for their healthy emotional development.

Role of Teachers

Teachers can also play an important role in maintaining good health, dealing with the special needs of disabled children. Class curriculum should be adjusted accordingly to the health needs of disabled children. Teachers should try to meet the individual health needs of each child for healthy development of disabled children in every sphere of life. In a regular class, there are many children suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, asthma etc. Children suffering from such diseases need special care to maintain good health. Teachers should be able to recognize the special health needs of disabled children. In the same way, teachers should make appropriate arrangements for special needs children with partial visual and hearing impairment. By understanding their health needs, teachers can make the learning environment comprehensible for these children.

Thus, parents and teachers can help disabled children to grow in a better environment by understanding and maintaining their special health and academic needs and help them to become active participants in classroom for effective learning.