Using Humor as a Tool for Effective Learning of Disabled Children

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Importance of Humor in the Class of Special Needs Children

To make learning effective for disabled children, the learning environment should be properly structured and accessible. It is very important for effective interaction of special needs children to create an appropriate learning environment. Humor can help a teacher deal effectively with escalating behaviors in the classroom.

• By adding humor in their teaching, teachers can easily win over the psychological and social stress of special needs children. Humor in the class can add colors and vibrancy in their academic life. They will feel happy and enjoy the process of learning in the class.

• Humor helps to relieve students with disabilities from the constraints of mental stress from their mind and agitation contributing to off task behavior in the classroom. Children with special needs may experience considerable strain. Using humor in the class will help a teacher to eliminate stress and strain impeding the learning process for students with disabilities.

• Establishing a positive and happy environment in the class can avert many unacceptable student behaviors in the class. Responding lightly to some unacceptable behaviors may prove to be effective. Humor is an effective tool to deal with some issues easily and effectively in the class of special needs children.

• The main aim of using humor should be to create a comfortable environment. It should aim to divert the attention of a child from disruptive behavior that compromises learning. Humor used while teaching should be based on the fact that students should be able to understand and benefit from the humor.

• By making communication interesting, a teacher can develop positive relationship with students. If the teaching techniques are interesting, students with disabilities will be more interested in learning and will feel free to express their needs in the classroom.

Using humor as an instructional tool will help the teacher to fulfill the special needs of special children in an effective and interesting manner. Both teacher and children will happily attend the class and find learning fun and productive, if the environment of the class is acceptable and engaging. Making class enjoyable and interesting for students with disabilities may dramatically decrease their academic deficiencies in learning and increase their ability to engage in the learning process..