Top Computer Science Master's Degree Schools

Top Computer Science Master's Degree Schools
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Master’s in Computer Science

Computers have changed the world and revolutionized the means of communication. This field is full of opportunities and with some creativity and hard work a person can mint money with a career in the field of computer science. Obtaining a master’s in computer science helps the individual to land in lucrative jobs. Here are some of the top computer science master’s degree schools.

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Top Computer Science Master’s Degree Schools

Carnegie Mellon University - Founded by Andrew Carnegie, the great entrepreneur, industrialist and philanthropist, CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) is a prestigious university to get a master’s in computer science. It offers courses in Humans - Computer interaction, computer networks, etc. Doctorate programs are also offered, making it one of the top schools.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - This institute has produced many “who’s who” in the field of technology. A master’s in computer science from this university is not only highly honored, but also highly valued. Popularly called MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) this institute has been in the top 5 most popular universities in the world. Although one of the costliest schools to pursue a master’s in, it certainly has go the value for money education.

Stanford University, Stanford, CA - Students from this university have taken computing to a totally different level. Google and Yahoo had their roots in this famous university. With such rich exposure, this is definitely one university from which a computer science degree should be obtained. It offers courses in computer networking and is considered to be one of the best computer science schools in the world.

Cornell University - Frederic Rudolph, the famous educational historian, called Cornell University, “The first American University.” Located in Ithaca, New York, Cornell University is a top Ivy League university. The various programs offered in this school that deal in the field of computer science are artificial intelligence, computer graphics, database and networks.

University of California, Berkeley - This highly reputed university is one of the favorites among students to get enrolled for a master’s in computer science. The school has designed the computer science masters course curriculum in such a way that the students are exposed to the real world situations. Coming under the category of Ivy League colleges, this school is certainly a school from where a masters degree will prove worthy of while establishing one’s career in the field of computer science.

California Institute of Technology - Famously called as Caltech, it is one of the top notch schools that offer a major in Computer Science. Caltech started offering a master’s in computer science only recently in 2004. The course focuses on providing the students programs that will help establish their career and on research.

Harvard University - Microsoft and Facebook have one thing in common. Their founders were once a part of this prestigious university. Harvard University is highly reputed for the courses that it offers in business administration, but recently it has had a stellar rise in the quality of education that it offers in the engineering, notably, computer science engineering. In spite of the costly tuition fees, students aspire to do their master’s at Harvard University, because of the quality education and reputation that it offers.

These top computer science master’s degree schools are listed to give you a good idea on which computer science schools to choose from.

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