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Various universities offer PhD programs in organizational development. Anyone interested in completing a PhD should consider one in this field. Some of the programs allow the student to continue employment while working on the PhD. This degree allows someone to gain a competitive edge for a new job or work in academia. Three popular programs that offer a PhD in Organizational Development include Regent University, Fielding University, and the University of Louisville.

Regent University

Regent University is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is not only a great PhD program but also one of the top universities in the state of Virginia. There are three other majors besides Organizational Leadership to choose from: Entrepreneurial Leadership, Human Resource Development, and Ecclesial Leadership. The tuition fee for the PhD program is $5,400 for each 6 credits per semester or $900 per credit hour.

The full-time PhD program at Regent University consists of forty-eight credits to be taken through courses and another twelve credit dissertation on a current topic within Organizational Leadership.

Admissions to the PhD programs consists of completing the online application form. Reference letters, interviews, details of work experience, official transcripts, a writing sample, and a copy of the GRE/GMAT scores must be submitted before your application can be considered.

The School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship administers the program and it takes a minimum of 3.5 years to complete. It is typical for students to spend at least 5 years within the program.

Fielding Graduate University

Fielding Graduate University offers a PhD in Human & Organizations Systems from the School of Human & Organizational Development. It is a highly recognized degree from a university that is located within Santa Barbara, California.

The full-time PhD consists of a combination of independent study, seminar cluster meetings, and national sessions. There is also a research and practice session for students and faculty. A total of 104 semester units are needed to graduate. Most students will take between 4 to 6 years to complete this degree. The tuition fee is currently $7,455 for each semester.

University of Louisville

University of Louisville is located in Louisville, Kentucky. Its PhD in Educational Leadership and Organizational Development is administered by the university’s College of Education & Human Development. The program consists of core courses and a dissertation totaling 90 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree to complete the PhD degree. There are two admission intakes: October and February.

The degree does allow the applicant to concentrate in 5 areas, including P-12, Post Secondary, and Sport Administrations. There is also the possibility to specialize in Human Resource Development or Evaluation.

Applicants should contact the Program Coordinator before submitting an application form. This is a great way to have any questions answered and to find out more about the program. The degree is usually completed within 5 years from enrollment.


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