Actuarial Science Graduate Degrees

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An Introduction To Actuarial Science

A Master’s in Actuarial Science is offered a various universities. An actuary is employed by a corporation to do risk assessment of the financial assets of the company. An actuary will look at how a major change within the company can affect it financially. To become an actuary the person would need good skills in mathematics and statistics and be able to use statistical programs and software. The average salary for an actuary is around $80,000 per annum. Only the brightest and dedicated students go on to become actuaries.

Some of the top postgraduate actuarial science graduate degrees can be found at Georgia State University and the University of Connecticut.

Georgia State University

Georgia State University is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Department of Risk Management and Insurance offers this program. The master’s degree in actuarial science is a long-standing program. The Actuarial Science program was first established in 1958 and today the degree at Georgia State University is considered a program of excellence. There is also the ability to do a dual degree program. The university offers a Master’s in Actuarial Science combined with a Master’s in Risk Management. A specialized MBA degree with a concentration in actuarial science is also available.

There are seven courses and a seminar available at the graduate level for Actuarial Science. Admissions into Georgia State University’s master’s program requires the applicant to have a bachelor’s degree in statistics or mathematics or related field, but preferably actuarial science. Official transcripts will need to be sent directly from the last university. Reference letters are required from at least two people in which one person must be a previous teacher or professor.

University of Connecticut

The Master’s of Science in Mathematics with concentration in actuarial science from the University of Connecticut is offered by the College of Mathematics. The University of Connecticut offers the ability to concentrate in Actuarial Science while obtaining a joint major in Mathematics.

The University of Connecticut is located in Storrs, Connecticut, and like Georgia State University, was designated a Center of Actuarial Excellence by the Society of Actuaries. This is ranked as one of the top programs for a Master’s in Actuarial Science. There are about 40 students enrolled in the College of Mathematics pursuing actuarial science graduate degrees.

For admissions to the University of Connecticut graduate program, an accredited bachelor’s degree is required. The admissions process to the University of Connecticut is quite competitive and the program should be applied for early in advance. The applicant must submit an application form along with three reference letters. The results of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are also required. The master’s degree is awarded after completion of four core mathematics courses, elective courses and two qualifying PhD examinations.


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