A Guide To The Best MBA Programs in Canada

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An Overview

Various universities in Canada offer the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. However, you can gain a competitive edge when applying for jobs by completing one of the top MBA programs in Canada. The top three programs to complete an MBA in Canada are Queen’s University, McGill University, and University of Western Ontario.

Queen’s University

Queen’s University is located in Kingston, Ontario. It is not only Canada’s top MBA program but also one of the top universities worldwide. It is well known for its teacher education, medicine, and science programs. Candidates can choose from three rounds of application deadlines, which occur in November, February, and March. The full tuition fee is $65,000 to $70,000 CDN payable in three installments.

The 12 month full-time MBA program by the Queen’s School of Business consists of five core courses in topics such as accounting and strategic leadership. Further elective courses can be completed in topics such as finance, marketing and general management.

Admissions into MBA programs in Canada consist of having an undergraduate degree and completing the online application form. Reference letters, details of work experience, official transcripts, and a copy of the GRE/GMAT scores must be submitted before your application can be considered.

The School of Business also offers executive MBA, accelerated MBA, and an accelerated MBA degree jointly sponsored with Columbia University. There is also an accelerated MBA/JD Doctor degree. The Queen’s University full-time MBA program also has the option of completing a Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility while working on the full-time degree.

McGill University

McGill University’s two-year MBA is offered by the school’s Desautels Faculty of Management. It is one of the top degrees within the province of Quebec, and a recognized degree from one of the top business schools internationally.

The full-time MBA is accredited and consists of five core courses. There are at least four areas of specialization such as finance, global strategy, leadership, and marketing. The program offers students the ability to sharpen key skills such as case analysis and presentation skills.

The class size is approximately 70 students with more than half coming from an another country. Most of the applicants will have at least five years work experience. Another degree called the accelerated MBA degree can be completed in a record 16 months. This is one of the shortest accelerated MBA programs in Canada.

Admission to the program is very competitive. For enrollment in September, the deadline is March and May for international and domestic students respectively. An online application must first be submitted by these deadlines. This must be accompanied by the $100 CDN application fee. Submission of GMAT scores, letters of reference, official transcripts will be needed before a decision is made. The Faculty of Management also interviews potential candidates before an offer is given. The tuition fee is $32,500 annually.

University of Western Ontario

University of Western Ontario is located in London, Ontario. Its MBA program is administered by the university’s Ivey School of Business. The program consists of core business essentials modules along with various elective streams. Electives can be taken in finance, strategic leadership, health, and international management. The tuition for the program is $68,500 CDN annually.

Applicants can also apply for the accelerated MBA degree if they already have a HBA degree. The Ivey School of Business also offers a Combined MBA/JD degree that can be completed in three years.

Selection is done by filling out an application by the deadline for one of three intake rounds of applications. Applicants can choose to apply by August, October, and December. There is also chance to submit the application early by May or a final deadline for all applications by mid-January. Transcripts, reference letters, and official GMAT scores should all be submitted by this date.


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