How To Prepare Your Graduate Film School Admissions Applications

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Applying to graduate school can be more difficult that your undergraduate applications were, not to mention more expensive. With graduate school, you have already decided on a specific area of study and will likely be applying to several different programs in your field. This means that you will have quite a few applications to juggle, all of which require extensive lists of materials and their own fees. Here are a few tips to help you stay a little more organized when you are preparing your graduate film school applications.

Similar Items

Most of the graduate school applications will require a list of common items and unique items. The items that are common to all graduate school admissions are going to be things like transcripts, letters of recommendation, and possibly test scores. If you are applying to a Master’s of Fine Arts program, then you will likely need to provide a portfolio list, and other types of programs will include different types of common materials. To make this a little easier, you should get these materials together for all your applications at once, and then place them in school specific areas where you are then going to accumulate all of your materials. This is a good way to start off the graduate school application process and will allow you to take care of a major element of all of your applications at once.

School Collections

As mentioned above, you should create a physical location for each individual graduate school application where you can collect its required materials. This could be a folder for each graduate school application, or its own shelf spot. It is going to be important later on to know exactly where each complete application material set is so that you will have no problem when it is time to send them off.


Your calendar is going to be your best friend during the graduate school admissions process. Each graduate school application will probably have its own due date, so these need to be marked on a calendar that you will see often. Try to set yourself a personal due date a few days before the official one, that way there will be no problem with getting them in on time. You can also set due dates for the completion of different graduate school application materials, such as personal essay or acquiring GRE test scores, that way you will consistently have a series of goals that will take you closer to the completion of the entire graduate school admission process.


Since most of your graduate school applications will have a large list of items, you need to keep track of what you have done and what you still have to complete. Create text documents listing the entire requirements for each graduate school application, then check off each element as you complete it. Before you send out your graduate school applications you will be able to check the contents of the application against the checked off list, thereby ensuring that you are not going to leave behind critical items when applying for your master’s degree.