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An Introduction

There are numerous schools that offer an MBA in aviation. These programs are very competitive and are offered worldwide. The three top programs for an MBA in Aviation include Dowling College’s MBA in Aviation Management, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s MBA in Aviation Management, and Concordia University’s MBA in Aviation Management.

Dowling College

Dowling College is located in New York and the School of Aviation is situated at Brookhaven Airport. It is also a leader in providing business and science degrees, but not as well known for its aviation degrees.

This MBA program, known as the MBA in Aviation Management, and consists of 7 core business courses, 12 credits of aviation management courses, and one Capstone course. The total number of credits needed for the degree is 36 credits. These courses are done over a period of three semesters. If an additional 4 courses are completed at the undergraduate level in aviation, the person is eligible for an FAA Air Traffic Controller role. The full tuition price is $796 per credit hour. The school of Aviation has also recently built a new airport management simulation lab sponsored by NASA.

Admissions into Dowling College’s MBA program consist of having an undergraduate degree and completing an online application form. Two reference letters and official transcripts should be submitted to the Admissions department where a program manager will be assigned to you after successful admission.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

The MBA in Aviation Management offered by Florida Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) is one of the top degrees from one of the top schools that offer mba in aviation. ERAU is located in Daytona Beach, and ranked first for aerospace engineering studies, and is the world’s largest university for aviation science. There are currently 5,000 students attending undergraduate and graduate programs at this university.

The MBA in Aviation Management is a program accredited by the Association of Business Colleges and Schools. It is offered as a distance online degree that consists of 7 core business courses, and 12 credits from a selection of 4 specific aviation management courses. The MBA degree requires 33 credits for completion.

The Admissions process is quite competitive. There are three enrollments during the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. An application must be submitted by a deadline of July 1 for the Fall to be considered for enrollment for the Fall semester. Along with the application, two references and, a statement of objectives, and resume are also required.

Concordia University

Concordia University is located in Montreal, Quebec in Canada and is one of the schools that offer an MBA in aviation. The degree program is an IATA MBA in Aviation Management. The program is in cooperation with the International Air Transport Association. The program consists of 18 courses, of which 7 courses are the required core business courses. There is an option to complete part of the degree as a distance education student or fully complete the degree on-campus.


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